Internship Development Coordinator

Maria was fortunate to grow up in a pro-life family, where she was educated from an early age about the value of every human being. In particular, she was strongly influenced by her parents and their commitment to caring for vulnerable people.

Although she opposed abortion, Maria was nevertheless critical of the use of abortion victim photography in activism. In 2015, her opinion shifted as she listened to several presentations from CCBR speakers, and prayerfully considered the strategy arguments on the CCBR website. She was eventually convinced that AVP was a crucial tool for changing public opinion on abortion.

This conviction grew in 2016, when she attended her first Abortion Awareness Project and did “Choice” Chain with pro-life groups in Toronto. She was amazed to see so many people become pro-life when they encountered the true horror of abortion. These experiences inspired her to deepen her involvement as an activist. She co-founded London Against Abortion in order to bring CCBR’s effective projects to her city, and she volunteered as an executive member of Western Lifeline, her university’s pro-life club. In summer 2017, she completed a 4-month internship with CCBR.

Maria graduated from Western University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in English literature and a minor in French studies. She joined CCBR staff in 2019 as the Internship Development Coordinator.