Western Community Outreach Coordinator

Meagan grew up knowing that abortion is wrong but was not involved in the pro-life movement until she was in her first year at the University of Guelph. She found out about the campus pro-life club and attended an apologetics presentation by National Campus Life Network (NCLN) where she recognized her own responsibility to protect pre-born children. At NCLN’s Symposium in September 2013, she learned about CCBR and their strategy and then applied to volunteer for the Abortion Awareness Project. Coming home from AAP, she considered applying for full-time pro-life work but decided to complete her degree in Human Kinetics while continuing to lead the campus pro-life club. After working as a summer intern with Guelph & Area Right to Life and then with NCLN, she had the opportunity to do the CCBR summer internship out of the Calgary office in 2016. 

During this summer, she was convicted to do more. She saw the impact of the End the Killing strategy on the streets and also the desperate need for it so she decided to apply to work full-time with CCBR. After completing a one-year postgraduate certificate in Exercise Science & Lifestyle Management at Humber College, she joined our Calgary staff in the summer of 2017.

Meagan currently works as CCBR’s Western Community Outreach Coordinator.