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How You Can Help Make Abortion Unthinkable

  1. Get Educated

    The effectiveness of any pro-life activity is influenced by the quality of education behind it. While many are against abortion, substantially fewer have reasons for their position, and fewer still are able to explain those reasons to others. As a result, many pro-lifers have no conviction about their position and take no action to stop it. Others who attempt to take action are often disregarded by abortion supporters as having unfounded opinions.

    To increase your conviction and to improve your ability to discuss the issue of abortion, you must first improve your knowledge. Here are some starting points:

    • Watch the 2-minute video, Unmasking "Choice". It is imperative that you allow yourself to confront the full horror faced daily by pre-born babies—as Gregg Cunningham says, "If we can’t face [abortion], we can’t fight it."
    • Read Pro-Life 101, by Scott Klusendorf.
    • Read The Unaborted Socrates, by Peter Kreeft.
    • Read the resources on CCBR’s website, particularly the section "Pro-Life Classroom"
    • Share what you learned with three friends and help them understand why abortion is wrong.

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  2. Financially support CCBR on an ongoing basis and encourage others to do the same.

    CCBR is able to accomplish the bulk of its success because of people who contribute financially, and giving on a monthly or annual basis is particularly helpful. Norman MacEwan once said, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." Giving generously to support CCBR will have a profound positive effect on other people’s lives.

    The important question for pro-lifers to ask themselves is this: are we as determined to save babies as abortion advocates are to kill them? Consider the following example of pro-abortion dedication:

    Wealthy businessman Ed Ratcliffe was a major financial backer for abortionist Henry Morgentaler during Morgentaler’s efforts to establish widespread legal abortion in Canada. The following is relayed in Morgentaler’s biography:

    ...Ratcliffe wrote out a cheque for $10,000 [for Morgentaler’s fight]. Just like that. No fanfare, no strings. "I liked what he was doing and he was the only one doing it," he said...


    Ratcliffe was impatient. Before he met Henry, he’d written a couple of cheques to the Morgentaler Defence Committee in Hamilton and Toronto—probably for $5,000 each, Ratcliffe wasn’t sure—to sustain their work. He also had written to A.R. Kaufman, the birth control advocate from Kitchener, Ontario, asking for his support for Henry. Kaufman sent back a cheque for $1,000, commenting that Henry had taken referrals for vasectomies from an organization he’d set up in Quebec called Parents Information Bureau, but that he thought it "unfortunate for Dr. Morgentaler that he agreed to broadcast the abortion operation." Ratcliffe wrote Kaufman back July 23, thanking him for his contribution, adding, somewhat wryly, "I’ve only spent about $20,000 so far" in the fight to legalize abortion.

    Already Ratcliffe was thinking bigger. Henry’s supporters shouldn’t have to be continually fund-raising. He was willing to keep writing the cheques if his money would float an organized group working flat out and full-time to lobby Parliament to legalize abortion on demand. i

    Are pro-lifers prepared to give as Ratcliffe gave? Are they willing to write the cheques to keep an organized group like CCBR working flat out and full-time to make abortion unthinkable?

    Besides helping Morgentaler directly, Ratcliffe helped re-establish CARAL (Canadian Association for the Repeal of the Abortion Law) by putting his money towards this effort. Then, he financed abortion clinics in the Third World. ii Are pro-lifers willing to match Ratcliffe’s dedication with their own? Are they prepared to put their money where their mouths are?

    Those who would like to donate via cheques should make them payable to "CCBR." Supporters can also set up automatic donations via credit card. For more information, click here.

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  3. Leave CCBR’s Unmasking "Choice" pamphlet or "Choice" cards in public areas.

    These can be strategically placed on bathroom counters and on bus benches, as well as in telephone-booth phone books and in waiting rooms. The person who discovers it a few minutes, hours, or days later may need that information to be convicted to choose life for her pre-born child. Even if someone discards the information, he or she will have first seen or read it before doing so. Contact us with your requests for CCBR’s brochure.

    For young teens and children, this activity can be adapted as follows: include an introductory letter with the pamphlet and present them to people in person. When a 9-year-old contacted CCBR about how he could stop abortion, CCBR recommended the following:

    Write a letter explaining how you became concerned about abortion. Begin with, "Dear stranger, my name is __________ and I’m ___ years old. This letter may seem a little odd but I want to share something with you. I’m really bothered by something and I want to make a difference. And I’m hoping that what I share with you will make that difference. If it does, maybe you’d consider passing it on..." Then go on to explain why you're so concerned about abortion, what motivated you, etc.

    Next, put it in an envelope with an Unmasking "Choice" pamphlet. Then, when you’re out with your family, etc, find someone to give it to. For example, if your mom is buying groceries, when you’re leaving you could go to the cashier and say, "I have something for you to read later on when you have some time to reflect on what’s inside."

    People are far less likely to turn down young children. This is where the young have the ability to move others in a way that older people don’t. When the recipients of these letters go home at night and find those letters in their pockets or purses, they will remember that young person who gave it to them. They won’t feel threatened as they might if an older person were to have given it to them. Not only will what you say and show to them move in their hearts, but their recollection of an innocent child delivering the message will as well.

    As Galadriel says to Frodo in the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."

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  4. Put a bumper sticker on your car and encourage two friends to do the same.

    This can save a child’s life. Consider these two testimonies:

    I. Hello, This might be very weird, but I wanted to thank you. I’m not sure what you believe in, but I’m a strong believer in God, and right now I am 17 and pregnant. And on my way to school one day, I was really wondering what to do—I was really thinking about abortion, because I was scared. As that thought came to mind, I walked past your car, and happened to look over and saw your bumper sticker, "Abortion Stops a Beating Heart." My heart dropped. I believe God was talking to me, through that sticker, and I also believe I will never think about it again. I’m going to keep my baby, and I’m not that scared anymore. Thank you so much for helping me make the best choice of my life. God bless. —A very happy mother-to-be. iii

    II. I always wanted to tell you my ‘pro-life bumper sticker’ story. When I first found out that I was pregnant I was in complete shock. I was so afraid of an uncertain future with a baby and of the major changes he or she would bring to my life that, although I was raised in such a pro-life family and never believed in abortion, the thought of having one did run through my mind for a while. It’s funny how actually being in the situation can make you start to seriously doubt your beliefs.

    I am sad to say that I had almost completely fooled myself into thinking that if I just did it quickly enough, I could forget about the whole thing and everything would be back to normal. I had decided it would be the easiest option. I told my doctor that I wasn’t going to have the baby and he gave me a number to a clinic to make my appointment.

    That night I was driving to work and was stopped behind a blue minivan. On it was a bumper sticker with a quote by Mother Theresa. It said, "It is a poverty that a child must die so that you may live how you want." The minute I read it, I burst into tears. I knew that was a message sent for me. I knew that the pain and guilt of having an abortion would have been a million times worse than any fear I might have about bringing a baby into my life.

    From that moment on I was excited to be pregnant and knew that it was going to be fine. [My child]... is the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I am so happy he is here!! iv

    To order the Mother Teresa bumper sticker, go here

    To order an bumper sticker, send a message to

    For other bumper stickers, go to

    Now, you might be concerned about ruining the look of your car, or about having your friends and colleagues knowing what you think, or about experiencing criticism from them or from complete strangers. Are these fears worth the babies’ lives that could be saved by people seeing a pro-life bumper sticker?

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  5. Wear "Precious Feet" lapel pins and pro-life t-shirts and be prepared to share the pro-life position with those who ask.

    Now that you've educated yourself, you can help others to initiate conversations with you by wearing pro-life apparel.

    "Precious Feet" pins are the size of a pre-born child's feet 10 weeks (some versions are 12 weeks) after conception and are a great way to initiate a discussion about the rapid growth of the pre-born and about abortion. These can be ordered here.

    Pro-life t-shirts are another way to stimulate a discussion with strangers or people you know. These can be ordered at

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  6. Invite a CCBR speaker to your school, church, or other venue.

    Contact CCBR to arrange a speaker to do pro-life apologetics training, debates, strategy presentations, or motivational talks.

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  7. Partner with other like-minded pro-lifers in your community and do "Choice" Chain.

    "Choice" Chain is a great way to engage the culture, and to put your pro-life apologetics knowledge (that you would have learned in points 1 and 6 above) into practice. Learn more by clicking here.

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  8. Write letters to newspapers and call radio shows to defend the pro-life view.

    Be pro-active about this: initiate an abortion debate. For example, if you read a story in the newspaper about a "hit and run" where a dog was killed and there is public outrage, write a letter asking why there isn’t public outrage about the babies killed every day in abortion clinics.

    If you read a report about sex-selection abortions, write a letter pointing out that abortion for any reason is bad. Regardless of one’s motivation (e.g., wanting a male child or wanting to finish university), a human being is still killed.

    When the media covers abortion and/or the pro-life movement in a fair way, be sure to thank them for that. When they report in a biased manner, be sure to complain, and try to give examples, where possible, of how they covered a similar issue in a different and fairer way.

    Defend CCBR’s projects when they make the news.

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  9. Encourage your pastor, priest, or other religious leader to be a strong spiritual leader in the fight against abortion.

    Pastors and priests have a particular responsibility to be a meaningful witness against evil and to exhort their congregations to do the same. But congregations need to support and encourage their shepherds to fulfill their duties. CCBR has identified several ways that churches can act to stop abortion. Direct your pastor to "How Churches Can Help Make Abortion Unthinkable" and be of further help by assisting the implementation of one or more of the described activities.

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  10. Pray and fast for an end to abortion.

    Pray for the success of CCBR’s projects, for the conversion of abortion supporters, for those who have been hurt by abortion to seek healing, and for the strength of pro-life activists.

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  11. Consider volunteer or full-time work in the pro-life movement.

    Gregg Cunningham and Scott Klusendorf have accurately and tragically observed the following:

    There are more people working full time to kill babies than there are working full time to save them. That’s because killing babies is very profitable while saving them is very costly. So costly, in fact, that large numbers of Christians who say they believe that abortion kills babies are willing to do just enough to salve the conscience but not enough to stop the killing. v

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  12. Learn history’s lessons for overcoming injustice.

    Study the trials and triumphs of people and movements who endured persecution and made deep sacrifices in order to overcome hatred and injustice on both large and small scales. By doing so, you will better prepare yourself to combat the modern-day injustice of abortion.

    Here are some suggested films to get you started:

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  13. Study CCBR’s analysis of Canada’s pro-life movement and our plan for its success.

    In Reforming Our Movement, Reforming Our Culture: How Canadian Pro-Lifers Can Make Abortion Unthinkable in the 21st Century, CCBR first analyzes both the state of abortion in Canada and that of Canada’s pro-life movement. We then put forth a strategy for ultimately making abortion unthinkable. We encourage all serious-minded pro-lifers to read the EndtheKilling document and help us make abortion itself a matter of history.

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