Day 5 of Campaign Brings Controversy to Canada's Sunniest City

CALGARY, AB, June 11, 2010. After four days of reigniting the abortion debate in Southern Alberta communities like Lethbridge, a large truck with billboard-sized images of bloody aborted fetuses on its sides, will be in Medicine Hat today.

"We're informing the public of the 5,000 southern Albertans who are being killed each year," said Stephanie Gray, executive director and co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR), the group leading the tour.

The abortion campaign, called the Reproductive “Choice” Campaign (RCC), is appearing in Southern Alberta for the first time. The truck will travel to Medicine Hat via Coaldale and Taber.

Co-founder Jojo Ruba acknowledged that people will be bothered by the images: “The pictures are disturbing because abortion is an act of violence that kills a human being--and that is a disturbing thing,” he said.

One woman who called into CCBR's phone line was outraged by the approach and said, "Your signs made me throw up." Others have honked their horns in approval.

Along with the truck, CCBR’s staff, ranging in age from 19 to 34, will be on the streets of Medicine Hat all weekend, engaging passersby in discussion about abortion. They will be holding smaller versions of the signs on the truck.

CCBR staff will also be giving a pro-life presentation, free and open to the public, on Saturday, June 12, at Glenview Nazarene Church (4235 Black & White Trail SE). Doors open at 7pm; talk begins at 7:30pm.

The group's website is and their Facebook Fanpage is!/pages/The-Canadian-Centre-for-Bio-Ethical-Reform/217971845050?ref=ts

For further information contact Stephanie Gray at 403-200-0777 (cell) or Jojo Ruba at 403-689-5890 (cell).