July 9, 2010:

CALGARY: Those coming to enjoy sights during the Calgary Stampede may see something not so enjoyable: pictures of aborted fetuses. Starting today and for each day of the Stampede, young staffers from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) will be holding graphic signs of aborted fetuses and engaging visitors on the subject of abortion.

“While people descend on the city to celebrate the greatest outdoor show on earth, they need to know that children are being killed here,” said Stephanie Gray, executive director of CCBR. “We know these images are horrifying to look at but if something is so horrifying we can’t stand to look at it,” she continued, “Perhaps we shouldn’t be tolerating it.”

Gray also points out that a lot of people are sexually active during the Stampede and so it makes sense that abortionists get busier shortly after the festivities. This is why she says it is essential for the pictures to be on the streets this week.

Termed “Choice” Chain, the project simply has the word “CHOICE?” written alongside the graphic images. CCBR’s staff, from 19-34, will be holding graphic signs displaying first-trimester aborted children at busy locations throughout the city. They’ll also be driving an 11-meter long box-bodied truck with similar bloody images.

When asked if she was sorry about the images spoiling peoples’ Stampede fun, Gray said she was “more sorry children are being killed in this city right now. The only way for the injustice to stop is for Canadians to demand it to end—so we need to get this message out.”

“I talked to a woman who was considering abortion but changed her mind when she saw our pictures,” said CCBR intern Cameron Wilson. “Isn’t it worth the discomfort most people feel looking at these images if we knew that even one baby’s life will be saved?”

Another CCBR intern, Ruth Lobo adds that this is why CCBR is there–even if many parents are uncomfortable with the pictures. “If people are truly concerned about children, what about the 5,000 children that will be killed in Calgary this year? Where’s the concern for them?”

“Many Canadians avoid the uncomfortable subject of abortion through silence and indifference,” stated CCBR co-founder Jojo Ruba. “This is a powerful way to compel thought and debate–something that is essential even during the Stampede.”

CCBR’s team of summer interns has been confronting Calgarians several days a week with these images since May. The group will be demonstrating with their signs in downtown Calgary, Friday, July 9, from 8am to noon.

CCBR has previously displayed “Choice” Chain in Calgary, Okotoks, High River, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, and Vancouver. Other pro-life groups in Canada have held similar displays.

For further information, contact Jojo Ruba: 403-689-5890 (cell)