FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Website,, Brings New Life to Abortion Debate in Canada


Website,, Brings New Life to Abortion Debate in Canada Pro-life group equips Canadians to make abortion unthinkable

Saying that it is part of a renewed effort to re-open the abortion debate in Canada, a national, young-adult-lead pro-life group launched its comprehensive, multimedia website today:

Stephanie Gray, executive director of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) says the site will get people talking about abortion again.

“The main questions in the abortion debate have always been, What are the pre-born? and What does abortion do to them?” says Gray. “Our site provides scientific and philosophical reasons why the pre-born must be human beings and therefore must be protected like born human beings.”

At the heart of the site is a “Pro-life Classroom” section ( that will equip Canadians to know why abortion is the taking of an innocent human person. Using videos, images and solid arguments, Gray says the site will be accessible to anyone. “It is a must-stop site for everyone who wants to engage in a reasoned discussion about abortion.”

The lessons include pro-life responses to abortion advocates such as Judith Jarvis Thompson ( and Peter Singer (

The site also explains CCBR’s approach to pro-life activism ( and CCBR’s study of how other social movements in history achieved change (

Gray admits that recent polls have shown Canadians don’t want to talk about abortion but says it’s because Canadians don’t know enough about abortion.

“It’s no surprise that most Canadians don’t want to talk about abortion. Two-thirds of them admit they don’t even know that there is no abortion law in Canada—that we can legally kill pre-born humans at anytime during pregnancy for any reason or no reason at all.  And to think that taxpayers pay for these killings,” she said.

Gray’s colleague, Jojo Ruba, says the site is all about challenging how people think about abortion, especially those swayed by abortion advocates.

“CCBR’s talks and projects have been censored by abortion advocates all around the country in the name of ‘choice,’” he said.  “Our site will bypass these censors and ensure that everyone knows exactly what they mean when they say ‘choice’—a choice that decapitates, disembowels and dismembers a human being.”

Ruba said the site will not just move people to be against abortion but to be actively pro-life—to become pro-life ambassadors. “As pro-life ambassadors we aim to teach people to do more than just be personally opposed to abortion. They must learn to effectively share their convictions with others. We want Canadians from coast to coast to have the tools to make abortion unthinkable right in their own communities.”

“The most important frontline in the abortion debate isn’t on Parliament Hill or even in provincial legislatures, but in the neighbourhoods where ordinary Canadians live,” says Gray. “If we can change how Canadians think about abortion—that no one has a right to choose to kill innocent human beings—then this website will help us stop abortion in our lifetime.”

For more information contact Stephanie Gray @ (403) 200-0777 (cell) or Jojo Ruba @ (403) 689-5890 (cell).