"Choice" Chain anecdote: graphic images permanently change minds.

This past May, activists from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform engaged high school students on the topic of abortion through "Choice" Chain outside of Sir Winston Churchill High School here in Calgary. It was one of the more challenging schools, where we faced a lot of opposition

One particularly angry student loudly ridiculed the activists, and attempted to cover the "Choice" Chain signs with his umbrella. However, after a long debate with executive director Stephanie Gray, he changed his mind and became pro-life.

People often ask if people remain pro-life even after time has passed. They often wonder whether the impression created by the graphic images is a lasting one, and if people retain the arguments they are given.

This afternoon, CCBR activists once again held "Choice" Chain outside Sir Winston Churchill High School. The young man previously mentioned once again came out to talk, and this time he brought a friend with him. His friend began debating for abortion--and the young man, firmly and angrily pro-choice the last time we met, began to provide his friend with pro-life arguments. He remembered the arguments so well, that his friend changed to the pro-life movement within five minutes. 

He shook my hand and stated, "Touche, you guys are right."

In May,a fiercely pro-abortion young man became pro-life because of graphic images. In September, he brought his friend to see the reality of abortion. That friend is now also pro-life.

by Francisco Gomez