For Immediate Release: "New Abortion Caravan" Sweeps Edmonton, Clashes With Pro-Choicers In Formal Debate

June 6, 2012: For Immediate Release:

“New Abortion Caravan” Sweeps Edmonton, Clashes With Pro-Choicers in Formal Debate

Edmonton, AB.  On the heels of a media storm from Vancouver to Kelowna, the New Abortion Caravan of more than twenty young people of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) arrives in Edmonton today to bring the bloody pictures of abortion to the streets.

For two days, the staff and volunteers with this cross-country initiative of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform will confront the population of Edmonton with box-bodied trucks featuring graphic abortion imagery twenty feet long and seven feet high, graphic hand-held signs of first-trimester aborted fetuses, thousands of mail-box-delivered postcards exposing abortion, and large posters of aborted fetuses on poles.

“Everywhere we go with the New Abortion Caravan people are responding to our message,” said CCBR’s executive director Stephanie Gray, “Injustice that is invisible inevitably becomes tolerable, and we are making the injustice visible to all Canadians so that it becomes intolerable.”

The group has a formal debate planned for Wednesday, June 6 at 7:30 PM at the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (2nd Floor, Room 490 at 87th Ave and 114th St.) with Dr. Howard Nye, a philosophy professor from the University of Alberta. Abortion advocates have already press released their plan to protest this event with what they call “The New Abortion Caravan Caravan.”

“These acts of cowardice mean to terrify women, rather than work towards a well informed and safe decision that preserves the quality of life for potential mothers,” said counter-protest organizer Kelly Fischer. “Despite the games they play in an attempt to make a one sided argument, we are pulling together to respond.”

Stephanie Gray responded by pointing out that the event Ms. Fischer’s group is planning to protest is a formal debate with both sides represented: “It’s ironic that Ms. Fischer would call our argument ‘one sided’ when the very nature of a debate is that both sides are represented and make their case. We are confident that embryology, biology, and a philosophically consistent view of human rights lie on the pro-life side, and look forward to making that case both on the streets and in the debate.”

For more information, please call CCBR’s media spokesperson Stephanie Gray at 403-200-0777 (cell).