The Postcard Project: One Year Later

by Caroline Slingerland

Imagine walking up to your door, opening your mailbox, and finding a postcard with a bloody image of the tiny, shattered body of a child destroyed within the first trimester of pregnancy.  Imagine it is the first time you have ever seen a picture of abortion, so after cringing at the brutality depicted in the image, you study it and notice that there are five fingers on each hand, a perfectly formed ribcage, a tiny tongue in the open mouth.  You see the arm, twisted and broken, lying beside the body; a foot, missing; an eye, gone.  The lifeless remains of a brutalized baby.

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For many Canadians this past year, this actually happened.  Exactly one year ago, after months of preparing, the first postcards depicting the reality of abortion, alongside a comparison, were delivered to houses in the Kensington region of Calgary, Alberta.  This same area also houses a clinic which exists solely to decapitate, dismember, and disembowel pre-born children.  Individuals commuted as much as three hours to join us in delivering over 2,500 postcards in just one day.  Considering that most households have at least two people, it is estimated that the message of abortion was delivered to 5,000 people in a matter of hours.  To top that off, CBC News in Calgary covered the project in their evening news, bringing the issue directly into the living rooms of thousands more. 

Since the launch of the project, over 100,000 postcards have been delivered in at least twenty-two communities, thanks to the efforts of various pro-life groups and individuals alike.  Almost a dozen groups and several individuals, from east to west, have adopted this project, distributing postcards to residents within their own cities. Lethbridge Pro-life's activism group, the Abortion Awareness Project, took on the Postcard Project and has since delivered over 11,000 postcards within Lethbridge, aiming to reach every household in the city at least once.

Teenagers, young families, men and women have all given of their time to expose the reality that abortion kills babies and hurts women.  And they plan to continue doing so. More than 20,000 postcards specifically addressing sex-selection abortion have been ordered.  These postcards will be launched in cities across Canada, beginning on International Women’s Day and continuing until the day when our Members of Parliament sit down to vote on Motion 408. 

Now that over hundreds of thousands of Canadians have received this message, what about the others?  What about your neighbourhood?  The Postcard Project has proven to be effective, and is a simple way for any individual or group to make a difference in their community.  Join us as we enter another year of bringing the clear message that abortion kills, to the doorsteps of our fellow citizens.