Use your game sense

By Cameron Côté

Last week I was speaking to a couple of agitated pro-abortion advocates while doing “Choice” Chain at Mount Royal University. One of them randomly blurted out, “I bet you love Donald Trump,” before smiling smugly to her friend and staring at me as though she’d just given the most cogent argument possible for why abortion should be allowed throughout all nine months of pregnancy. While I was sorely tempted to simply ask her how much she wanted to bet, I decided not to escalate things, and instead calmly explain to her that abortion directly and intentionally killed an innocent human being, and that regardless of what a politician in a jurisdiction that I was prohibited from voting in said about the issue, all humans deserved human rights, regardless of how old they were.

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While this response certainly wiped the grin off of her face, she soon realized that she was either going to have to come to terms with the fact that embryologists universally acknowledge that human life begins at fertilization, or else walk away from the conversation, and unfortunately she decided that the high road was to walk away from the conversation and tell me that I “didn’t [] know anything.”

Her bet regarding my love of Donald Trump got me thinking though, as this is simply the last in a long line of bets that people have suggested I take regarding my position on a wide variety of topics. I’ve had people say to me: “I bet you hate gay people,” “I bet you hate women who have abortions,” “I bet you loved it when the guy tried to shoot up the abortion clinic in Colorado,” and even: “I bet you kick puppies when you aren’t doing this.” Though this form of betting could supplement CCBR’s fundraising plan (though I highly doubt it ever will), it’s worth saying that the people who make these bets can rarely ever collect on their gambles, and regardless of how they fare, these bets have no bearing on the abortion debate.

I can confidently say that not a single person working or volunteering with CCBR hates people who identify as gay, hates women who have abortions, loves it when people engage in abortion related violence, or kick puppies for thrills in their spare time. With that said though, if a pro-life advocate did support someone like Donald Trump, did grow up in a Christian household, or did own a firearms license, that would in no way invalidate their understanding that abortion directly and intentionally kills a living member of the human species. As such, instead of explaining myself every time someone places a bet on my character, my voting history, my religious convictions, or anything else about me, I simply explain to them that none of that changes the facts of what abortion does, and this is something that I would encourage anyone who advocates for the protection of pre-born children to adopt.

Instead of taking the bait and proving why being Christian doesn’t mean that you’ve been brainwashed to the point of believing anything and everything your pastor or priest tells you, ask the person how that would change the fact that abortion decapitates, dismembers, and disembowels a living member of the human species. Instead of explaining why Donald Trump was a better Presidential option than Hillary Clinton, ask the person how political allegiances impact an action that snuffs out the life of the youngest and most vulnerable members of our human family. Instead of detailing just how much you support women in crisis pregnancy situations, ask whether your support, or lack thereof, changes the fact that every year in Canada more than 100,000 pre-born children are killed in the name of choice. Because at the end of the day, whether you are a model citizen or not, abortion kills, and we need people to realize that that is a fact, regardless of who is saying it.

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Rachel’s Volunteer Spotlight

One of our Calgary volunteers, Nelson, has shown a lot of dedication and commitment. He realizes that although speaking with men and women on the issue of abortion is not necessarily the most fun way to spend his spare time, it is important work and must be done. 

Nelson began to join our team for activism on his campus quite recently, and clearly sees abortion for what it is. He takes his role very seriously and comes out nearly every week to be a voice for the pre-born, in spite of the fact that he has a very heavy course load, he’s involved in a number of other clubs and initiatives on campus, and has a lengthy commute to and from school. It is obvious that many people have begun to consider the pro-life position because he has treated them with kindness and respect, and for that and everything else that you have done to help advance the pro-life cause, we’d like to thank you for your hard work, Nelson!