Meet the interns: Hannah Donovan

What motivated you to join the pro-life movement? What continues to motivate you?

My sister, Cana Donovan, motivated me to actively live out my pro-life views, and challenged me to do more. By seeing all the hard work she was doing, I became motivated and inspired to join her in the fight to end the killing. As I continue doing pro-life activism, I am consistently motivated by all the other courageous fighters out there. This, and seeing how many hearts and minds are regularly being changed, constantly keeps me motivated to speak up instead of give up. 

When did you first come into contact with CCBR?

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I first came in contact with CCBR when my sister, Cana, participated in the summer internship in 2014. She shared many of her stories with me and taught me a lot about the pro-life movement. 

What made you choose this organization? 

My sister, introduced me to CCBR and all the wonderful things the organization does. This really helped me decide which organization I would like to support in the pro-life movement. 

If you had to name your greatest challenge in joining the pro-life movement, what would it be?

Fundraising. I have a hard time fundraising and don’t enjoy the instability that can come with it. I often don’t feel very secure, so it keeps me from doing things that require lots of fundraising. With that said, I applied for the internship anyways. Although I’m struggling to fundraise, I didn’t want it to keep me from doing life-saving work. 

What do you hope you will learn from CCBR this summer? 

I hope to learn more history about abortion and gain a better understanding of how it actually works and happens. 

What has been your best experience in the pro-life movement so far? Why?

My best experience in the pro-life movement has been going to Florida for the Human Rights Project. This was my second year attending and I had an amazing experience both times. I could quickly learn how to dialogue with students about abortion and immediately witness hearts and minds being changed in such a short period of time. I was inspired every day by all the other volunteers and employees who worked tirelessly to end the killing and loved all the conversations I was able to have.

Who in history inspires you to believe you can make a change? Why?

Mother Teresa. She inspires me to make a change, and believe that I really can. She achieved so much with so little, all in the name of God. Even in the darkest points of her life (which was most of her life), she always persevered, trusted in God and never quit. Seeing her dedication, humility and love towards other people, even when she is experiencing unbearable pain in her own life, continually inspires me to keep going. Being able to see how much of a difference she made with very little at her disposal also motivates me to know that I don’t need everything and everyone to make a change. I, alone, am enough to create waves and inspire change in this world.

If you were a coloured animal, what would you be?

A purple horse? I don’t really understand the question, haha. 

You'll be doing activism outside all summer, so this one's important: ice cream or slushies?

Slushies – 100%.