Meet the interns: Michael Roy

What motivated you to join the pro-life movement? What continues to motivate you?

The more I really think about what’s happening, that precious little people are being slaughtered by the millions every year and our society turns a blind eye to it, the more impassioned I am to do something about it.  

When did you first come into contact with CCBR?

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A cousin of mine did a four month internship with CCBR and came back with many amazing experiences to share! 

What made you choose this organization? 

The approach CCBR takes to pro-life activism is, in my opinion, a great mix of compassion and confrontation. By being exposed to what an abortion victim looks like and engaging in discussion, people are forced to think about the issue on a deeper and more rational level. At the same time, by being confronted calmly and without condemnation, people are more willing to take the pro-life message to heart. 

What do you hope you will learn from CCBR this summer? 

The main things I’d really like to gain are courage and social skills. For the longest time, I dreaded the thought of doing “Choice” Chain. I’m a very non-confrontational person and even initiating a normal conversation with a stranger terrifies me! I hope that doing this internship will challenge me to overcome those fears and develop myself into a more well-rounded person.

What has been your best experience in the pro-life movement so far? Why?

The best experience I can think of is my first time doing a “Choice” Chain. Though I ended up standing silently the whole time out of fear, I nonetheless witnessed many people glance at my sign, knowing by their reactions that they would remember those images for a long time and hopefully be inspired to rethink their stance on abortion. Despite not having opened my mouth, I left confident that my contribution, though small, had made a difference.  

Who in history inspires you to believe you can make a change? Why?

One person that comes to mind is St. Augustine. His early life hardly resembled sainthood and though he wanted to devote himself to God, his struggles to be virtuous kept him from doing so. Through much self-discipline and the grace of God, however, he became one of the most influential people in the history of Christianity. Though I’m definitely far from perfection and don’t always live as selflessly as I could, Augustine’s life reminds me that God can achieve great things in even the most sinful and unremarkable people. 

If you were a coloured animal, what would you be?

I’d love to be a golden eagle, soaring above the clouds as my golden feathers shimmer in the sunlight. Yeah . . . :)

You'll be doing activism outside all summer, so this one's important: ice cream or slushies?

Too tough to choose!