Meet the interns: Serge Sych

What motivated you to join the pro-life movement? What continues to motivate you?

Seeing a photo of a completed abortion. The truth was undeniable, and it was indelibly burned into my mind. My continued motivation: I defend the life of the pre-born because it’s right – it’s my duty as a man.           

When did you first come into contact with CCBR?

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Via my friend, Irene De Souza. After about 1.5 years of being exposed to her well-educated, rational, and compassionate approach to spreading the message of life while on staff, I had developed a very positive impression of CCBR.

What made you choose this organization? 

The well-educated, compassionate, and honest approach that CCBR employs.

What do you hope you will learn from CCBR this summer?

I hope to better understand, holistically, the entire situation surrounding the pro-life position (humanistic, social, political, etc.) so that hearts and minds may be changed, not only through reasoned argument, but by understanding the situation of others. 

What has been your best experience in the pro-life movement so far? Why?

Watching and listening to a UBC “Choice” Chain, and realizing that CCBR’s role in pro-life is absolutely critical. This motivated me to apply to CCBR to take a front-and-center role in the pro-life movement!

Who in history inspires you to believe you can make a change? Why?

I’m not much of a history buff . . . However, I’ve always been inspired by my friend Irene’s unwavering passion and dedication to the pro-life cause. I’ve regularly seen those two qualities change minds and hearts, and her example continues to convince me that great change is always possible. 

If you were a coloured animal, what would you be?

A black/white orca. Why, you ask? I’m highly social, work well in teams, and regularly exhibit sophisticated vocal behaviours and hunting techniques. 

You'll be doing activism outside all summer, so this one's important: ice cream or slushies?

Ice cream slushies…