Meet the interns: Zoe Boudreau

What motivated you to join the pro-life movement? What continues to motivate you?

I think that we, as humans, deserve better than abortion. Nowadays people seem to think that human beings are dispensable, but I think that the fact that we get outraged at injustice proves that we are actually very valuable. Humans have worth, and if we act like it is okay to kill off the young and vulnerable in our society, we are not upholding the dignity inherent to the human race. The pro-choice movement says that children are only valuable if they are wanted. And they say that mothers in crisis have no other choice beside abortion. And none of it is true; the value of a person does not depend on their circumstances nor are women limited to abortion. I love humanity too much to tolerate these lies and so I’m going to be fighting them this summer, and for the rest of my life.

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When did you first come into contact with CCBR?

My family has always received the CCBR newsletter, but I only came into personal contact with the organization when I attended a workshop in high-school—and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What made you choose this organization?

After that workshop, I actually volunteered with CCBR frequently during high-school, and the experience was great, but I knew that I could develop my potential more. CCBR is the most intensive formation that I could find, and I believe the most effective organization for that reason. So, I’m 100% in.

What do you hope you will learn from CCBR this summer?

I want to develop more courage, so that even when the internship is over, I’ll continue to engage my culture and change it for the better.

What has been your best experience in the pro-life movement so far? Why?

While doing “Choice” Chain outside a high-school, I remember a conversation I had with a girl my age. She had had a rough upbringing and had lived in several different foster homes. She told me that if she was pregnant she simply couldn’t care for the child, and not only that, she had health issues from the alcohol that her biological mother had consumed while she had been pregnant with her. She said that if anyone could have an abortion, it should be her. I just looked at her, and said “but, you wouldn’t, would you?” She was quiet, and then agreed. Aborting a child, no matter the circumstances, would always be the wrong choice. It’s as simple as that: murder is wrong, abortion is murder: Therefore, abortion is wrong. End of story. I could have told her that, and if I had been emailing her that is what I would have said, but because she was right in front of me when I was talking to her,  I could just look in her eyes and see that she knew it was wrong. What she didn’t know was how strong she really was, so that is what I told her. That’s what I love about CCBR: Outreach is largely based on personal encounters so you don’t just change minds, you change hearts.

Who in history inspires you to believe you can make a change? Why?

Okay, this is going to seem really out there, but I am really inspired by Flannery O’Connor. She is an author who writes these super dark stories about horrible people and the horrible things that happen to them. Her characters are sickening, but you see yourself in them, and, because of that, you become more aware of the ways that you need to grow. What Flannery O’Connor does is show evil for what it is - and she really helps a lot of people by doing that. So I want to be like her because I want to have the courage to challenge others to grow, but also because I want to have the courage to see the ways I need to grow. And for the same reason, this summer is huge for me; I’m going on to the streets with the horrible truth about abortion and through that truth, bring about change.

If you were a coloured animal, what would you be?

I think I would be something like a silver rabbit

You’ll be doing activism outside all summer, so this one is important: ice cream or slushies?

Ice cream. Always. :)