January 4, 2018
As we enter 2018, most people are making New Year’s Resolutions. For some, it’ll be eating healthier, or going to the gym, or reading more. For others, it will be financial goals or places to travel. At the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, we’d like to ask that you add one more resolution to your list: Stand up for pre-born children in whatever way you can.
December 25, 2017
It would be almost impossible to miss the fact that our culture celebrates a major feast today. Trees, lights, dinners, decorations, and gift exchanges have already set the tone around us in the past few weeks. "All ready for Christmas?" the cashier asked as I collected my groceries on Saturday. I couldn't help but ponder that question as I drove home.
December 19, 2017
Toronto, ON. Earlier this year the Trudeau government announced that organizations with pro-life views would not be eligible for grant funding from the Canada Summer Jobs program, saying it would find a mechanism to punish citizens unless they agreed with the government’s social ideologies.  This announcement was followed by denying the applications of a number of pro-life organizations on the false basis of “budget” concerns.
December 14, 2017
“What do you think about abortion?” I asked Catherine as she walked by the sign I was holding, that showed the broken body of a 10-week old aborted pre-born child. Catherine was visibly upset and told me she thought our display was inappropriate given we were in a public place where lots of pedestrians were walking by. “How do you think this makes women who’ve experienced miscarriage feel?” she asked.
December 12, 2017
Excerpted from Chapter 5 of Jonathon Van Maren’s recent book Seeing is Believing: Why Our Culture Must Face the Victims of Abortion, which can be purchased here Your signs just make people angry. How is that going to achieve your goal?
December 8, 2017
It was a nice sunny day, and the contrast couldn't have been bigger. My boys, still little at the time, chatted happily in the double stroller. In the zipped pouch behind them was a stack of postcards with pictures of little children whose life had been cut short. I made sure to cover the abortion image on the front each time we stopped to stuff a mailbox. Letting the lid fall shut, I walked down the driveway where two eager faces waited for me.
December 4, 2017
The importance of using effective pro-life apologetics is nearly universally acknowledged within the pro-life movement. Being equipped to respond to pro-choice arguments enables us to be influential advocates on behalf of the pre-born. However, we at the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform don’t rely on pro-life apologetics alone. Our two-pronged approach as part of the educational arm of the pro-life movement includes the use of abortion victim photography (AVP).
December 4, 2017
Have you been given this scenario to justify abortion before? “What about a baby whose mother is addicted to crack cocaine and will be born with an addiction to crack? Would you rather that baby suffer horribly and have a terrible life?” How do you respond? Usually, I reply with something like the following:
December 1, 2017
Earlier this week, I headed out with some of the volunteers from a local pro-life community group to participate in the group’s first high-school “Choice” Chain. It was the first time this particular school had been confronted with a “Choice” Chain display, and the reaction, as always, was mixed. A crowd of students quickly gathered around our signs, and while some students were angry, many had serious questions they wanted to ask.     “What about rape?” one girl asked me.     “That’s right!” another student exclaimed.
November 29, 2017
“What do you think about abortion?” I asked a student at Mount Royal University, who was right around my age. “I would have an abortion,” she told me. It was not just a stubborn pro-choice response, as that statement often is. She was firm in her tone, but not harsh, and though she was holding herself together, I could see the tears she held in her blue eyes.