The New Abortion Caravan

A Project of EndtheKilling

In 1970, hundreds of women gathered in Vancouver to protest limited access to abortion. They then climbed into vehicles and began to drive across the country in what history has come to call "The Abortion Caravan." Many Canadian historians credit this Caravan with laying the groundwork to the 1988 Supreme Court decision to strike down all abortion laws.

A core team of pro-abortion protestors drove from Vancouver to Ottawa. When they arrived they left a coffin—representing women who died from illegal abortions—at the Prime Minister's house and forced Parliament to shut down for over half an hour. The nation was forced to consider an issue they had previously ignored.

These abortion advocates used vivid imagery—coffins and coat hangers—to draw attention away from the pre-born and force politicians and the public to focus on the women in front of them.

The women of the abortion caravan had two goals:

  1. Repeal of the abortion laws, and
  2. Free abortion on demand.

18 years later, they got what they wanted when the Supreme Court of Canada threw out all protection for Canadian pre-born children in the 1988 Court decision R. v. Morgentaler.

Over 3 million Canadian children have been brutally dismembered, decapitated, and disembowelled through abortion. Our taxes pay for this grotesque human rights violation. In fact, the Canadian government has gone so far as to pay for Canadian women to go to the United States to have late term abortions. The "pro-choice" movement has prevailed in every area imaginable.

In 1970, the Abortion Caravan heralded the arrival of a great injustice.  But in 2012, the New Abortion Caravan will make the victims of Canada's abortion holocaust visible to the entire country. The New Abortion Caravan will signal the beginning of the end of Canada's greatest human rights violation: The wholesale, state-funded slaughter of the youngest members of our society.

On May 29, a team of young people who are survivors—all born at a time when their peers were being killed—will be re-tracing the steps of the 1970 Caravan. This New Abortion Caravan will also use vivid imagery. However, instead of focusing on a woman's "choice," this team from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) will use abortion imagery to force the Canadian public to consider what is being chosen.

The pre-born are Canada's invisible children. It is time to make them, and their plight, visible to a public largely unaware of their fate.

The New Abortion Caravan will do that in such a way that in every community the Caravan passes through, the public will be confronted by the reality of "choice."

Imagine opening your mail box to find a gripping pro-life postcard showing "invisible" aborted children.

Then imagine walking down the street and seeing a poster of an abortion victim hanging from a pole in your neighbourhood.

Walking further, you see activists holding signs and engage in dialogue about abortion.

Then imagine driving through traffic and seeing a large truck with abortion imagery on its side and rear panels.

Turning on the radio, you hear a news story about abortion.

Upon returning home, you see that the breaking news story on the 6 o'clock news is about abortion.

And the next morning, the newspaper on your doorstep features a story about abortion.

In each city, the media will inevitably be compelled to cover the abortion issue once again as the New Abortion Caravan passes through. The presence of the dismembered pre-born victims will force Canadians and the media to recognize their plight. The historical resonance of the New Abortion Caravan confronting the injustices brought about by the original Abortion Caravan will force people to re-examine their conceptions about abortion.

As long as children are being killed, that reality will be exposed. As Gregg Cunningham has said, "Injustice that is invisible inevitably becomes tolerable. But injustice that is made visible inevitably becomes intolerable."

Besides its visual outreach, The New Abortion Caravan will stop in towns and cities and hold presentations and debates about abortion to answer the questions of the public and educate Canadians on this life and death issue.

After crossing the country to Toronto, the New Abortion Caravan will end in Ottawa, where politicians and the public will be forced to face the shattered bodies of Canadian children they have failed so badly.

It will be a Canada Day to remember.

Not all Canadians are recognized as the intrinsically valuable human beings that they are. We cannot—we will not—rest until the pre-born are acknowledged as having the same right to life as the born. Using historical precedent while exposing an undeniable injustice, the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform's New Abortion Caravan will save lives.

It will force Canadians to reconsider the value of the pre-born child, launching abortion into the media while rallying and uniting the pro-life faithful.

We will EndtheKilling, and we will end it in our lifetime.