Reproductive "Choice" Campaign

Dispatch from the Road

by Caroline Slingerland

Throughout my childhood, as is typical, I was encouraged to start thinking about my future.  What were my passions?  What was I good at?  In elementary, we had to draw a picture of the career we thought we might want when we grew up. In high school, we had to do personality tests to give us a better indication of which occupation we were suited to.  It seemed like all our growing up years revolved around what our future would look like.

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My dreams stretched across a huge span of potential lines of work.  After years of debating many different options, such as teaching, or dreaming about being a nurse or a veterinarian, even thinking about being a police officer, I think my parents worried that I'd never make up my mind.  And then when my calling came, it was as unexpected to me as it was to them. 

But won't your large images distract drivers and cause accidents?

Our images are no different than billboards lining the sides of freeways or on the sides of transportation trucks.  Why don't we hear an outcry that such billboards cause accidents if your claim was indeed true?

Consider when a car accident happens--how often do other drivers slow down and stare?  If such gawking resulted in another accident, would we blame the first accident or blame the driver who chose to not give his driving the attention it required?  In fact, when we were displaying a sign near a busy freeway, there was an accident in the area, and people incorrectly assumed our sign caused the accident.  On the contrary, the accident had occurred /before/ we arrived, and we went to the area because there was such slow-moving traffic.  Correlation does not mean causation. 

What if a woman who has had an abortion commits suicide upon seeing your trucks?

In the seventeen years CBR has been using graphic abortion photos in the public square and in the five years CCBR has, we are not aware of one incident where a woman has committed suicide after viewing graphic images.

Do you shoot abortionists and bomb clinics?

Absolutely not. CCBR condemns all forms of abortion-related violence and will not collaborate with groups or individuals who fail to condemn such violence.

Why don't you show positive pictures of babies, both in and out of the womb?

There is definitely a place for fetal development imagery in educating the public about who the pre-born are. In fact, new technologies, such as 3D and 4D ultrasound, are a benefit to the pro-life movement.

Why don't you hold presentations and debates in a hall where people can choose to receive the message?

A society in the midst of committing and permitting an injustice does not willingly or easily admit its own wrongdoing. People rarely acknowledge evidence of their own complicity in injustice; even fewer seek out such evidence. The people who need to see this message simply will not go out of their way to view it in large enough numbers to stop this injustice.

How dare you force your views on me?!

Where on the trucks is any "view" being forced? It shows a picture of an aborted baby next to the word many associate with abortion: "choice." If you look at that and conclude that our view is that abortion is wrong, what’s really happening is that, upon viewing the evidence of what abortion does to an innocent person, your conscience is telling you that abortion is wrong.

What about children who see the horrible images on the trucks?

You may be relieved to know that we aren’t directly targeting children with our campaign—they aren’t the ones perpetrating this injustice nor the ones complicit in it. Therefore, we won’t knowingly go to an area where only children are present, such as a preschool or an elementary school. The reality, however, is that it is impossible to reach the masses in society where no children will ever be present.

Why should I have to see this while driving in my car?

Is there any place where you wouldn’t object to viewing these images? We have found that in many cases when people complain about seeing the images in public, they don’t want to see them in private either. Many people would prefer that these images be "out of sight" because then they would be "out of mind." And that’s the problem: precisely because the horrible truth of abortion is out of most people’s minds is this injustice happening.

Where can I find help for a friend who’s facing an unplanned pregnancy or who’s struggling with the trauma from a previous abortion?

Please refer your friend to the toll-free number 1-800-395-HELP (4357). This is a 24-hour helpline run by an organization which is unrelated to the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform and which has no involvement with our Reproductive "Choice" Campaign. Please also review our document "If Someone You Know is Considering Abortion."

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