Defending the Pro-Life View

“The Giver”: Understanding our Duty to Share the Truth

By Emily Ryznar

This Christmas, one of my favourite gifts was a copy of the movie, The Giver. As a child, I read the book by Lois Lowry, and I was intrigued by the mysteries of a world without colour or family or love. However, it was only after working for a summer doing pro-life activism that I came to appreciate the lessons that are found in the story.

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The Giver is set in a post-apocalyptic world where envy has been eradicated by “sameness.” Everyone is equal. Everyone obeys The Rules. Everyone has a place. Nobody makes choices, because the Elders believe that “when humans are given choices, they make the wrong choice. Every single time.”

Do We Know When Life Begins?

by Stephanie Gray

Have you ever heard someone who supports abortion claim, “No one knows when life begins”?  The funny thing is, these very individuals actually do claim to know when it begins.  If they ban abortion at 3 months, then they are implicitly saying life begins at 3 months. If they ban abortion at 6 months, then they are implicitly saying life begins at 6 months.  The question is this: Is where they draw the line based on fact or convenience?

My Sibling I Never Acknowledged

by Stephanie Gray

For as long as I can remember, when I met people who would ask, “How many siblings do you have?” my answer was always “one.”  But I recently had an epiphany: That answer isn’t true.

File 1724I don’t have just one sibling; I have two.  So why wasn’t my eldest sibling in the count? 

We're not just pro-life, we're anti-abortion

January 11, 2013
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