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Face the Children


Stephen Harper

Prime Minister,
MP Calgary Southwest

Michelle Rempel

MP Calgary Centre-North

Bal Gosal

MP Bramalea-Gore-Malton

Parm Gill

MP Brampton-Springdale

Rick Dyksta

MP St. Catharines

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Michelle Rempel

MP Calgary Centre-North

Chris Charlton

MP Hamilton Mountain

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Brian Gallant

Provincial Liberal Leader


Justin Trudeau

Liberal Leader,
MP Papineau

What is “Face the Children” and why is CCBR launching it?

In a political environment where the three leaders of Canada’s major political parties all support Canada’s abortion status quo, it is increasingly difficult for any Member of Parliament to broach the abortion issue without facing backlash from his or her party leaders. Time and time again, we see pro-life politicians attempting to speak out on the issue and promptly facing hostility both from opposition parties and their own.

In other words, speaking out for pre-born Canadians comes with a hefty political price tag. This situation needs to be reversed.

Politicians speaking out on behalf of all Canadians and advocating for consistent and necessary human rights should not be shouted down and stigmatized—rather, those politicians who support the so-called “right” of Canadians to decapitate, dismember and disembowel younger Canadians should have their views exposed for what they truly are: lethal age discrimination.

Thus, CCBR intends to make those politicians who vocally support and uphold Canada’s abortion status quo “Face the Children.” They will face the aborted children who have had their bodies viciously torn apart and destroyed in medical institutions with the continued permission and endorsement of our government and the forced financial support of the Canadian population.

Many politicians consistently talk about abortion as a very abstract medical choice—we intend to ensure that the constituents of these politicians will be very aware of exactly what that “medical” choice is and entails. Those Members of Parliament who see fit to silence other politicians attempting to speak up for the pre-born will find that this education project may soon come to their riding, as dedicated groups of pro-life educators are ready to employ the evidence in favor of pro-life politicians and against pro-abortion ones.

If your career as a politician has condemned pre-born children to death, the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform demands that you face the children.

And what exactly will this look like? A postcard delivered to every constituent’s home, showing the face of Canada’s aborted children alongside the face that enables this slaughter.

Common Questions

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