Thank you for taking this first step towards volunteering with CCBR! Each of us has the opportunity to make an incredible impact in the lives of men and women who suffer because of abortion and most importantly, in saving the lives of those who are at risk of being killed. Through volunteering with CCBR on a regular basis you will receive thorough training, volunteer hours, reach hundreds of men and women with the reality of abortion, and could be the instrument in saving the lives of pre-born children!


Note: All the information provided by you will be held in the strictest confidence in accordance with provincial and federal privacy legislation.


All volunteers are also required to attend CCBR’s Pro-life Dialogue Training Workshop prior to participating in activism.

What is your position on abortion?
Are there any circumstances under which you believe abortion is morally permissible? Please explain.
Do you condemn all forms of violence in pro-life activism and do you refuse to collaborate with groups or individuals who fail to condemn such violence?
Have you ever done public pro-life activism that involves engaging the public (e.g., Abortion Awareness Project, “Choice” Chain, handing out flyers, Sidewalk Counselling)? Please explain.
What are your views about abortion victim photography in abortion education? Please explain.
Where did you first come in contact with CCBR?
Why do you want to be a volunteer with CCBR?

Thank you for completing this application. We look forward to contacting you concerning volunteering opportunities with CCBR! You have the ability to save lives. Thank you for not only recognizing the need to protect the pre-born, but your willingness to make it a priority.


Rachel Dalcin
Calgary Volunteer Coordinator