Have you completed a summer internship with CCBR? Do you want to help other young pro-life activists grow in knowledge and experience? Do you want to grow as a leader in the pro-life movement? Are you interested in discerning full-time pro-life work? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, you should consider CCBR’s 8-month internship!

The 8-Month Scarborough Internship is an opportunity to work with CCBR in the GTA in a life-saving and life-changing experience for you and those you impact! This program is an incredible chance to dive deep into the pro-life movement and grow as an advocate for pre-born children through mentorship and front-line pro-life work over the course of a year with CCBR’s team in the GTA.

The program has five key components:

  1. Mentorship: interns will receive one-on-one mentorship from the Eastern Outreach Director, deepening their knowledge of pro-life apologetics, strategy, politics, leadership, team building, recruitment and more, identifying areas of personal growth and giving interns an opportunity to mentor others throughout Toronto.
  2. GTA East Activism: put your activism skills to work on the front lines, reaching the Eastern portion of the GTA through projects such as postcarding, banner project, “Choice” Chain and door-knocking. This is an opportunity to reach many people in the GTA who have not yet been the focus of regular pro-life outreach.
  3. Toronto Against Abortion: learn how to share your activism experience with pro-life volunteers by participating in and leading activism at post-secondary campuses and throughout Toronto, and by mentoring new volunteers and running pro-life training seminars and workshops.
  4. Community Outreach: assist CCBR in making in-roads with pro-life individuals and communities in the GTA and beyond, laying foundations for the future and growing the pro-life movement.
  5. Be a Part of our GTA Team: interns will be assistants to the Eastern Outreach Department on a variety of tasks, and help run CCBR’s projects and programs as part of the GTA staff team for the year.

Come, and join our team in Toronto to spend the year growing as a pro-life leader and working with us to save lives!



Anyone has previously completed a CCBR summer internship (or the equivalent), and wants to spend a year working alongside staff in the GTA


Sept 2022 – Apr 2023

The program is full-time, Monday to Friday, however part-time positions may be available. The program will involve some work on evenings, and sometimes Saturdays.


Scarborough, ON

We can provide assistance finding housing.


The internship position is salaried with payment received on a bi-weekly basis. The total salary is $2500/month. Interns are responsible for fundraising $1500/month.


June 30, 2022

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