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To book a CCBR presenter for your school, church, youth group, conference, banquet, or other event, please email us:

General Lectures

File 266CCBR presenters give general lectures on abortion in public venues, such as universities, where audience members hold varied perspectives about abortion.

These presentations are non-sectarian and make a scientific and philosophical defense for the pro-life perspective. They can cover the basic arguments ("Pro-Life 101"), or be more advanced ("Pro-Life 201"). CCBR’s public talks can also examine the parallels between abortion and historical atrocities.

In "Pro-Life 101," audiences will learn that the abortion debate may sound complicated but is morally very simple: It boils down to one essential question about whether the pre-born are human. Based on that focus, audiences will learn scientific and philosophical reasons to be pro-life.

In "Pro-Life 201" audiences are exposed to more sophisticated thinking about the pre-born. This talk is a response to abortion advocates who are willing to concede the humanity of the pre-born but still insist that it is okay for them to be killed. This presentation equips pro-lifers to provide sound reasoning to show why only the position that recognizes the personhood of the pre-born is intellectually honest.

In CCBR’s talk paralleling abortion and past injustices, audiences are shown how certain actions, such as dehumanizing a group of people, were used in the past to rationalize inflicting harm on them, and how those same actions are now being used against the pre-born.

Training and Motivational Talks

File 269CCBR presenters also speak to pro-life audiences such as church services, university pro-life clubs, or community pro-life groups.

One theme for these talks is pro-life apologetics (i.e., a defense of the pro-life view) which includes the elements of non-sectarian argumentation.

Another theme is examining the pro-life view from a religious perspective.

A third theme is about pro-life strategy. These themes can also be combined.



CCBR presenters are trained in formal debates where they share a forum with an abortion supporter, focusing on a resolve such as the following:

  • Abortion: Human Right or Human Rights Violation?
  • Should Abortion be Legal?
  • Is Elective Abortion an Immoral Act?
  • Should the Current Legal Status of Abortion in Canada Change?

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CCBR presenters will only participate in debates where these non-negotiable terms are included:

  • Each side gets equal time to present his/her case,
  • Each spokesperson may present whatever materials he/she wishes during his/her allotted time, including visuals, with no threat of censorship from the opposing spokesperson. The presentation of these materials is to be used within the speaker’s time allotment.


The debate itself is usually 90 minutes (excluding audience Q & A).

Promotions and Preparation

File 275It is important to hand out flyers (as well as put up posters) since information placed in the hands of passersby is more likely to be read and retained for recalling event details. Posters are often ripped down by the opposition, so it’s important to continually poster.

Take advantage of new media by promoting the event on Facebook, Twitter, and via e-mail. Make phone calls within your networks to inform people of the event—and remind them when the time nears.

CCBR presentations involve audio visual, so please provide appropriate technical equipment including microphones, speakers, projector, screen, and extension cord. Ensure there is adequate time for the speaker to set up all the technical equipment before the talk (30-45 minutes) and adequate time at the end of the talk for taking down the equipment and for informal discussions with the audience (about 1 hour).

This means that when booking the room, adequate time needs to be included on either end of the presentation (or debate) itself so as not to overlap with other bookings scheduled for directly before or after the talk.

There must be a table or desk where CCBR and your club can set up pro-life materials. Please provide pens and paper. Hosts are strongly encouraged to bring a sign-up sheet for your own organization to ensure you connect with new members/interested locals.

The spokesperson for your group, usually the president/director, will welcome everyone and introduce the CCBR speaker, using biographical information from CCBR’s website here.

Finally, hosts of CCBR presentations, including debates, should ensure there are enough copies of the presentation or debate survey for each audience member to fill out following the presentation. These should be placed on each seat or handed out as attendees enter the room. If there is an MC, please ensure he or she reminds the audience to fill out the surveys at the end of the presentation.

If you’re interested in booking a CCBR speaker, please contact us.

Supplemental Info

Hosts of CCBR presentations should ensure there are enough survey copies for each audience member to fill out following the presentation. CCBR then reviews and categorizes these surveys as a means of evaluating its presentations and speakers. These surveys should be placed on each seat or handed out as attendees enter the room.

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