Christine De Baets

Consciousness and human rights

By Christine De Baets

Depending on people’s backgrounds, some like to challenge the pro-life position on scientific grounds, others on philosophical grounds. A particular point of intersection of the two perspectives – and one that comes up often – is the topic of consciousness. The term carries with it a lot of interesting intellectual tradition. However, most either only consider a narrow portion of it, or make use of it simply to serve pre-established purposes. 

I can still picture it

By Christine De Baets

Within a two hour “Choice” Chain, you can converse with a wide variety of people. Whenever I set up, taking my stack of literature and turning my sign depicting an abortion victim to face approaching pedestrians and onlookers, I never know what to expect. By the time we pack up, though, it’s sometimes hard to recall conversations in detail. That’s why I try to write down significant ones as soon as possible while they are still fresh in my mind. 

An interview with the returning interns: Christine De Baets

Why do you want to work with CCBR a second Summer?

Last summer’s experience was mind opening and life changing. We worked very hard, and made a huge impact. Yet, I know that the work is not finished. This summer has the potential to change even more minds and save even more lives, and this purpose to our work became my purpose every day last summer to keep at it, and I want it to be my purpose once again this summer. There are still people to be reached and children we need to speak up for.

Meet our interns: Christine De Baets

What motivated you to join the pro-life movement? What continues to motivate you?

I wanted to join the pro-life movement after seeing more and more of my peers become pro-choice in high school. I was already convinced of the pro-life position but I started to realize how much of a responsibility I had toward the vulnerable children who were being forgotten by most. I couldn't wait for someone else to stand up for them, it had to be me. 

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