Rebuilding the pro-life consensus isn't nearly as hard as you think it is

By Jonathon Van Maren

We are currently in Week Two of our annual tour of Florida campuses, bringing our large display of abortion victim photography to face thousands of students with the truth about what goes on inside clinics and hospitals every day. Thousands of pamphlets explaining the development of the baby in the womb and the reality of what abortion does to that baby are being passed out, and hundreds of conversations are happening. We are watching the pro-life consensus on campuses grow in real-time.

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Want to Save Lives in Florida this February?

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On the Road with CBR: Part 3

Part 3: Follow CBR on the road! An open microphone session in Florida raises the question of human value. Protesters continue to make their voices heard as Stephanie Gray of CCBR takes up the following question: are we valuable by virtue of our existence or in terms of what we can do?

On the Road with CBR: Part 2

CBR is on the road, exposing injustice. Watch this short clip from a recent open microphone session. One student questions the comparison of abortion to the Rwandan genocide. Stephanie Gray responds, many listen, and some vocalize their disagreement.

On the Road with CBR: Part 1

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform invites questions and comments from passersby via an open microphone during its campus outreach at Florida State University. One student makes a bold statement about the freedom of speech and protesters of the event.

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