Caroline Slingerland

Caroline grew up in a household that, although they were pro-life, never talked about the issue of abortion. She knew abortion was wrong, but never fully understood the reality of it.

In 2010, Caroline started her studies at the University of Lethbridge where she was encouraged by the campus pro-life club, Students for Life, to become a member. She attended a speech on abortion by a CCBR presenter and that, together with a video of what abortion actually looks like, uncovered the horror of abortion for Caroline. However, although she supported Students for Life, she still was not convicted to become involved.

Her conviction came in the spring of 2011 when she was invited by a friend to go and witness outside of Kensington Abortion Clinic in Calgary. Seeing the women enter the clinic, knowing that they were choosing death for their pre-born child and feeling helpless to stop it, Caroline was inspired to get involved. She completed CCBR’s Crash Course in July 2011 and that equipped and motivated her to begin full-time pro-life work. She officially joined our team in September of the same year.

Caroline is currently the Administrator for CCBR.