Each of us has the opportunity and the responsibility to reach people within our own spheres of influence with the truth about abortion. By getting active in our own communities, we can save children’s lives and spare women the trauma of abortion.

Volunteer with CCBR or another local group running our outreach projects, and you’ll receive training in pro-life apologetics and how to have effective conversations on abortion. We hope that you consider giving the gift of your time towards making abortion unthinkable!

CCBR Offices and Initiatives

You can volunteer for outreach run by CCBR in the following locations:

  • CCBR Calgary
  • CCBR Manitoba Initiative (Winnipeg, Steinbach, Winkler, Morden)
  • CCBR Vancouver Initiative

Community Groups

CCBR’s outreach projects can also be run by independent pro-life organizations that share a commitment to end the killing, and partner with us for effective outreach in their communities.

Atlantic Canada

  • New Brunswick Against Abortion (Moncton, Saint John)
  • Halifax Against Abortion
  • St. John’s, Newfoundland – Campaign Life Coalition


  • Montreal Against Abortion


  • Brantford Against Abortion
  • Cornwall Pro-Life
  • Durham Region Against Abortion
  • Hamilton Against Abortion / Campaign Life Coalition
  • London Against Abortion
  • Niagara Against Abortion
  • Ottawa Against Abortion
  • Oxford Against Abortion
  • Peel Against Abortion
  • Sarnia Against Abortion
  • Thunder Bay Against Abortion
  • Toronto Against Abortion (Toronto Right to Life)
  • Waterloo Region Against Abortion
  • Windsor Against Abortion
  • York Region Against Abortion


  • Regina


  • Edmonton Against Abortion
  • Lethbridge Against Abortion

British Columbia

  • Kelowna Right to Life
  • Valley Against Abortion (Chilliwack)

Don’t see your city listed? Contact us if you’d like to start a new outreach team in your community!

  • Western Canada: Jeff Owen
  • Eastern Canada: Blaise Alleyne



You can volunteer with a CCBR office or initiative around the country, or with one of the independent pro-life groups that run our outreach projects in many other cities. See the map below.


Any pro-life individual who wants to help end the killing. Volunteers are typically age 15 or older.

Note: All volunteers are also required to attend CCBR’s Pro-life Dialogue Training prior to participating in activism

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