Join the movement to make abortion unthinkable and end the killing

Toronto Pro-Life BootCamp

During this four day program you will learn pro-life apologetics and strategy and take it to the streets to share the truth with Canadians and see minds changed & lives saved. 

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Winnipeg Pro-Life Bootcamp

Calling all pro-life high school students to learn how to defend pre-born babies from abortion!

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Book a Speaker

Bring pro-life education to your community with a CCBR speaker.

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Volunteer for Outreach

Get trained and give your time and energy to change hearts and minds and save the lives of pre-born children.

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"Choice" Chain
JVM at 2018 Toronto Crash Course

Crash Course

Take a Crash Course with CCBR to get high calibre pro-life training and hands-on experience to bring back to your community.

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Apply for an internship position with CCBR to change hearts and minds and grow as a pro-life leader.

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Pro-Life Study Series Promo

Pro-Life Study Series

A 5-week video study series for your church community to get equipped to defend life in the womb.

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