At the heart of every movement for change are the dedicated individuals who commit themselves to the cause. Our pro-life internship program, in which passionate young people step forward to advocate for the sanctity of life, is a testament to this truth. 

In our latest video collection, you’ll hear firsthand from these interns. Their testimonies are powerful reminders of why our work is so crucial. Each story reflects the transformation that happens when we are equipped and empowered to engage in life-giving conversations.

Behind these inspiring voices are our supporters—the generous individuals who believe in the power of education, dialogue, and action. Your contributions are the foundation upon which these interns stand. Because of you, they have the resources they need to reach out, educate, and inspire others in their communities.

Through your support, these interns are not just having conversations; they are changing hearts and minds. They are offering hope and alternatives to those facing difficult decisions. They are advocating for views that protect life at every stage.

As the internship continues, your ongoing support is more critical than ever. Together, we are creating a ripple effect of compassion and understanding that extends far beyond our immediate reach. Every dollar donated translates into more training, more outreach, and ultimately, more lives saved.

Join us in celebrating these courageous interns and the difference they are making. Watch their stories, share their passion, and consider how you can play a part in this life-affirming mission. Together, we are turning belief into action, and our impact is resounding.

Thank you for standing with us. Your support is truly changing the world—one conversation, one heart, at a time.

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