Imagine the pre-born having the same right to life as the born—in theory and in practice.

Imagine the killing centres across the country closing down.

Imagine an abortion-free Canada.

CCBR exists not just to imagine these things, but to make them a reality—to EndtheKilling in our lifetime.

In 2001, the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform was founded to expose the hidden injustice of abortion and create a public discussion concerning the rights and personhood of the pre-born. Through presentations and abortion victim photography-based projects such as “Choice” Chain, and the Reproductive “Choice” Campaign, CCBR began to force the topic of abortion into the national consciousness. In 2011, based on the success of these tactics, CCBR has launched a new overarching strategy utilizing these tactics to end abortion in Canada. We would like to extend an invitation to each and every one of you: become part of the rising movement to EndtheKilling.

We at CCBR realize that for a pro-life organization that exists to end injustice, a ten year anniversary is a milestone to contemplate sombrely, not to celebrate. Abortion has been a barbaric reality that over three million pre-born Canadians have had to face since 1969. In the face of a hostile culture and climbing death counts, it is easy to be discouraged. However, we cannot be discouraged. We cannot give up. The preborn are still dying—they still need us desperately. We have not yet earned the right to inaction.

We approach you with our strategy to EndtheKilling with a history of results that have confirmed the effectiveness of the tactics we have adopted from other social reformers, such as the abolitionists and the Civil Rights activists. Over the past ten years, CCBR has given over 675 presentations to over 55,000 people in Canada, the United States, and Europe. CCBR has engaged in over thirty formal debates with abortion advocates, including with abortionists themselves. CCBR’s rapidly expanding staff has also allowed us to greatly increase the amount of activism we engage in—we have had countless discussions on abortion with members of the public through “Choice” Chain, which we have engaged in over 157 times in the past year alone in communities across Canada.

Countless minds have been changed. Numerous lives have been saved. But the work has only just started.

Public policy will not change unless public opinion changes. While legislative change is obviously imminently needed, it is clear that politicians are not going to risk their careers forcing an issue they do not believe their constituents support. As an educational group, CCBR does not lobby the politicians: we talk to the people. In order for the end of abortion to become a reality, the Canadian public must see the inhumanity of abortion through imagery, which is our evidence in the court of public opinion, and expose the humanity and personhood of the pre-born through conversation.

It is this two-pronged focus that CCBR’s End the Killing plan hinges upon. The scientific case for the humanity of pre-born children and the philosophical case for the personhood of pre-born children are not difficult cases to make—but we must also bridge the disconnect between ever increasing numbers of detailed embryological studies and the abstract, rather attractive sounding word “choice”. In addition to using the scientific and philosophical evidence for the humanity and personhood of the pre-born, we must use images of the atrocity of abortion to tear away the flimsy facade of “choice” and reveal what is being chosen: the decapitation, dismemberment, and disembowelment of an innocent pre-born child.

When Martin Luther King Jr. addressed the nation from the steps of the Lincoln Monument on the issues of civil rights, he had one overarching message that he consistently emphasized, and one that we at CCBR would like to echo: “Now is the time.” Every day, Canadian pre-born children are slaughtered in the name of an ideology that has brought us nothing but blood, tears, and misery.

Now is the time to put an end to the slaughter.

Now is the time to look evil in the face and say, enough.

Now is the time to join together, and lend our voices to those who had theirs brutally taken from them.

For forty two years, as pro-life leader Gregg Cunningham puts it, our streets have run red with the blood of pre-born children.

We have our duty. We all have talents and resources that we have been given. Let us use them, so that together, as we speak out for those who cannot, we can begin to imagine—and create—a world without abortion.