When the “Pro-Choice” Are “Anti-Choice”

Abortion advocates have no qualms about being anti-choice when it comes to pro-lifers and, frankly, all Canadians if it furthers their agenda. They don’t mind limiting what pro-lifers, including pro-life women, can do with their bodies.

For example, Canadians are not allowed to exercise their free speech in front of abortion clinics.1 Pro-lifers, including pro-life women, cannot choose to put their bodies in front of clinics to provide information that would protect pre-born children from being aborted. Abortion advocates not only supported removing this choice, but helped make these anti-choice laws possible.2

Canadians also have no choice when it comes to funding abortions in Canada. They are forced to cover costs for abortions.3 If certain late-term abortions are not available in Canada, Canadians can get abortions in the US and their trips and their abortions are covered by provincial health care programs.4

Abortion advocates are even upset if the federal government does not fund abortions in developing countries. Yet, nothing prevents these advocates from personally donating to abortion providers in these mostly pro-life nations.

They also do not respect the choice of these pro-life countries to ban abortion. Abortion advocates argue that their anti-choice stance is justifiable because women’s lives are endangered through illegal abortions. In other words, choice is justifiably limited if someone’s life is in danger.

By making this argument of course, they don’t realize that they are making the same point pro-lifers have always made: that when someone’s choice endangers someone’s life, then we should all be anti-choice.

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