Have you completed a summer internship with CCBR? Do you want to help community based pro-life groups grow their volunteer base and their ability to conduct CCBR’s projects? Do you want to grow as a leader in the pro-life movement? Are you interested in discerning full-time pro-life work? If you answered “Yes!” to these questions, consider joining CCBR’s Community Support Internship!

As CCBR seeks to continue supporting the growth and development of community based pro-life groups, we are excited to announce the launch of our Community Support Internship. Program participants will spend significant portions of the summer in two different metropolitan hubs in western Canada, helping the local pro-life initiatives establish themselves with a regular activism presence.

While in these two communities, program participants will help provide apologetics training to group volunteers, one-on-one mentorship with group leaders, as well as helping the group network with supporters and other groups in the community. Participants will also have daily opportunities to not only personally participate in activism, but also mentor community members as they gain the confidence and skills they need to be effective pro-life ambassadors. Through this support and mentorship, it is CCBR’s hope that these community groups will be able to continue conducting regular activism, with the support of CCBR’s Western Community Outreach Coordinator, long after this team has moved to the next community.

Upon completing this summer program, participants will possess the skills and experience necessary to take on leadership within their own community based pro-life organizations, or other community based pro-life organizations that may have position openings. There will be regular personal development for participants, as well as opportunities to work on ideas and initiatives that you might have for your own local pro-life organization.

This is an incredible opportunity to not only change minds and save lives through your own daily work, but also to equip many more people with the skills and experience they need to continue growing the effectiveness of the Canadian pro-life movement.

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Anyone has previously participated in a CCBR internship program


This program is based in Calgary, AB, with significant time being spent in both Vancouver, BC and Winnipeg, MB. CCBR can provide assistance in finding housing in Calgary during the summer, and participants will be staying with host homes whilst in Vancouver and Winnipeg.

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