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Since the summer of 2010, nearly 150 young men and women from across Canada, as well as a small handful from around the world, have participated in one of CCBR’s renowned internships. Having received the training and experience they needed, these passionate young people have taken on leadership in a wide variety of areas, including campus and community-based pro-life groups, as well as provincial and national pro-life organizations, political parties, and many other roles that have allowed them to make a significant impact on the abortion status quo seen around the world.

The Program

CCBR is pleased to announce the International Internship, which will focus specifically on pro-life groups from around the world who sponsor a new or current leader from within their organization to come to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and join our team for four months of training and activism experience. Please note that while this program is focused towards organizations outside of Canada, it is not exclusively intended as such. Canadian organizations are also welcome to sponsor candidates to participate in the program.

During this program, participants will receive training pertaining to, among other topics:

  • Foundational pro-life conversation skills (apologetics)
  • Speaking with the media
  • Social media platform management
  • Public speaking
  • Volunteer recruitment and management
  • Project/campaign planning and management

With this training, participants will engage in CCBR’s activism projects which have been proven to change minds and save lives from abortion. These projects will take place primarily in Calgary, Alberta; however, the internship team will also be making several trips to other metropolitan centres in western Canada to engage new audiences with the message of what abortion does to the weakest and most vulnerable members of the human family.

While in Calgary, participants will also have the opportunity to develop ideas and initiatives from their home country/organization with the help of CCBR staff members. Whether this support is directed towards an ongoing initiative, or else towards future campaigns, this support will help answer many of the questions participants may have, while also helping them generate new ideas.

Through the training and experience internship participants receive, CCBR is confident that they will be prepared to take on responsibilities large and small, whether they are a volunteer leader in a small community, or a full-time staff member of a large, multinational organization.

Past Participants

In the summer of 2010, Seth Drayer, current Director of Training for American pro-life organization Created Equal, participated in one of CCBR’s internships, about which he said,

Before beginning full-time pro-life work in the United States, I travelled to Canada for CCBR’s Internship program. What I experienced there truly prepared me for what I’m doing today. There was excellent apologetics training, matched with boots on the ground. Real conversations with real people to save the lives of actual babies.[…] I remember distinctly thinking for the first time, ‘We can do this. We can actually win.’

Aisling Hubert, current Head of Training and Development for CBR UK, said,

The skills and the training that I received from CCBR have been absolutely instrumental and fundamental in all the pro-life work that I do. From the presentation training, the media training, the fundraising training […] gave me the skills that I needed to face the abortion giants and tear down their arguments just by using simple science and philosophy. I can’t recommend anything that CCBR can give you highly enough.

Ruby Nazaruk, current Executive Director for community group Edson Friends for Life in Alberta, Canada said,

[…] I completed an internship with CCBR in the summer of 2017. The internship was a really amazing opportunity! I learned how to be a leader, and I gained spectacular training to help in numerous aspects of the pro-life movement. Because of the internship I was able to become the Executive Director of my local pro-life group. I highly recommend doing an internship with CCBR!

Cameron Wilson, current Political Coordinator for The Wilberforce Project, Alberta’s provincial umbrella group and leader in advancing the pro-life political agenda, said,

The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Summer Internship Program has changed the trajectory of the pro-life cause in Canada.[…] Since this program started spitting out its graduates to the four corners of the pro-life world, the entire movement has become youthful, reinvigorated and so wildly successful that we are on the verge of getting our first pro-life law passed [in Canada]. These are the undeniable fruits of CCBR’s Summer Internship Program.

How it works

Participants will generally work standard business hours from Monday to Friday, with the occasional evening or weekend event. Each week, participants will receive training, get activism experience, and have time to work on assignments and projects, while also having time to correspond with sponsoring organizations regarding on-going projects or ideas for the future.

Sponsoring organizations will be expected to provide $2,500 per sponsored applicant to CCBR, which will cover housing expenses and program costs for the participants over the four months they are with CCBR. Sponsoring organizations will also be expected to provide some form of a salary or stipend for the individual(s) they will be sponsoring, though the arrangement and payment of this will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

Should you/your organization be interested in strategies for raising the finances necessary to provide this stipend and/or any other costs associated with having a member of your organization participate in this program, please do not hesitate to contact us. CCBR’s Fundraising Department has compiled and developed strategies to help interns, staff members, and organizations effectively market their goals and objectives towards potential financial partners, and we are confident that we will be able to help you/your organization secure the finances necessary to sponsor an individual to participate in this truly life changing, and organization altering, program.