As another internship has wrapped up, we are grateful for the fruits of that internship including another saved life! We also share with you a special milestone for CCBR, and advance notice of events that will be happening near you! Check out this newsletter for more details.

Fantastic news from Calgary, progress on Toronto streets, and our exciting new Pro-Life Study Series are all features of this mid-summer newsletter! 

In addition to introducing you to our interns as we promised, we are also thrilled to be able to introduce you to new staff members! As well, there's a special invitation for YOU! Learn more here.

We're excited to share with you the success of our latest trip to Florida to bring the truth about abortion to university campuses! Not only were minds changed and lives saved, but students were equipped and inspired to continue the life-saving work in Canada. You can read about it here!

There is every reason to be grateful when we look at the past year and to be hopeful when we look at the year that is ahead. This newsletter summarizes the accomplishments of 2018 and how we were able to achieve over 4 million views.

Even though the internships have ended, activism goes on in various communities across Canada, resulting in more Canadians becoming pro-life. We also have the privilege of introducing a new staff member along with the new initiative he is leading in Vancouver. Some other topics addressed in this newsletter include a legal victory, and increasing violence against pro-lifers. Check out this newsletter to learn more!

As another internship draws to a close, and our interns make preparations to return to their homes and communities, we are so proud to share with you some of the fruits of their hard work.  Go to to find out how you can help us finish off this internship season with momentum for the future!

We are super excited to introduce you to our Eastern and Western interns in this newsletter! Plus, check out what was accomplished in just the first month of their internship program... only possible because of your love, prayers and support! Read to the end for a fundraising update, and how you are a vital part of each and every day of activism.

It’s been a busy, exciting start to the year, and we’re thrilled to share everything that’s happened in just a few short months! Our interns are showing up, and we’ve chosen to move forward despite our governments’ decision to cut funding. Check out our educational opportunities insert, and how you and your friends can get equipped to work with us on the front lines!

Babies saved, hearts changed, and a growing team! These three key items are regularly reported to you, which is what Canada needs in order to make abortion unthinkable! Also, check out a special update from the legal department.

In this newsletter, the heartbroken question of a man one of our speakers met at a conference is responded to at length, along with many encouraging testimonies from our Florida Human Rights Project.

Two more babies saved, a western speaking tour, and our annual Florida GAP trip preparations are all featured in this first newsletter of the new year, along with some information about what our legal team is up to.