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Each month, CCBR shares testimonies of minds changed as a result of its work.

We are very excited to introduce so many lovely and enthusiastic interns and give you an idea of what they do each day.  We also share with you how we're not backing down from recent opposition and how YOU can help with that, as well as how we are responding to Canada's 150th birthday!  Make sure you look for a presentation location near you!

In this newsletter, the heartbroken question of a man one of our speakers met at a conference is responded to at length, along with many encouraging testimonies from our Florida Human Rights Project.

Two more babies saved, a western speaking tour, and our annual Florida GAP trip preparations are all featured in this first newsletter of the new year, along with some information about what our legal team is up to.

As the year comes to an end, check out our Christmas newsletter to see a review of our year in numbers, and how in 2016 we were able to reach well over two million Canadians with the pro-life message!  

With the fall semester in full swing, activism efforts to reach students at high schools, colleges, and universities continue to bear fruits of changed hearts and minds.  We are also excited to introduce our new door-knocking project!

More babies saved, an exciting new project, and an enlightening analysis of polling data proving the effectiveness of our work can all be found in this edition of our newsletter.

It's July and our internships are in full swing! CCBR is growing and our reach is expanding as our team spreads out across the country.  Learn about our progress and meet some very special new team members!

Read about the tremendous impact of one choice to be one vital part of one thriving movement resulting in the combined effort of one incredible group of pro-life volunteers, interns and supporters! 

Our March newsletter celebrates baby Ava's birth, and shares stories from another successful trip to Florida to do outreach on universities, including more babies saved from abortion there!  Read all about it here, and also learn about one of the unique challenges CCBR is currently facing.

This Christmas season we look back at everything that has been accomplished in 2015.  We're grateful for your contributions to help make this happen, and excited to share new testimonies and polling data with you!

Introducing our brand new Legal Department, and how we can move forward despite the results of the 2015 federal election.

With our #No2Trudeau campaign wrapped up, we take a look at some of the results.  Plus, learn more about our partnership with We Need a Law on their current cross-country lifeTOUR, and what you can do to make a difference in light of the upcoming election.

This month, read about the instrumental role that you, as our dedicated supporters, play within the pro-life movement.  Please see the attachment for an update from our Fundraising Director, Yvonne Boon.

From the doctor's office to #No2Trudeau to public presentations, showing the truth about abortion continues to change people's minds. In this newsletter we also introduce you to our High School interns who have joined us for the summer.

With 24 new interns, this upcoming summer promises to be extremely fruitful! Meet the young people we've hired, find out what each will accomplish, and learn how you can help to make this possible.

Take a look at these highlights from our annual Florida GAP tour, stories about babies who were saved, and a look at what's ahead.

Check out some great testimonies of the pro-life message shared, hearts convicted, and minds changed at presentations across the country and even on the other side of the ocean!

Thanks to many generous gifts, minds were changed and babies' lives saved in the past year--here are some examples in a Christmas card to our supporters.

It's that time of year: a review of 2014--with exciting new polling data and stats--and our plans for 2015 with Season's Greetings to all of you!

CCBR's staff continues to change and grow. Meet our entire team, learn about CCBR's successful "Face the Children" campaign in New Brunswick, and read about more changed minds and a baby saved from abortion!

Our team is growing, as is support for our mission. Through it all minds continue to be changed through on-the-grounds activism.

A busy summer of activism is in full swing, and our staff and interns have testimonies to share!

New interns, a new city for our truck project, and many new stories of hearts and minds changed by our outreach!

Testimonies from our Florida GAP trip and a look forward to this summer's internships.

Our January-February newsletter has more testimonies from presentations and activism, and information on our upcoming summer programs!

2013 in review: lots of activism and many, many changed hearts and minds!

The latest newsletter contains updates on our busy fall activism schedule and stories of this outreach bearing fruit!

An overview of what CCBR has been up to this summer, and profiles of our first ever high school interns!

Stephanie describes a typical day in the life at CCBR, and shares success stories from "Choice" Chain and postcarding.

This latest newsletter contains the story of a baby who was saved, and information on our Face the Children project.

CCBR's April newsletter introduces the summer interns for 2013 and contains exciting news about our outreach extending to the Netherlands this month!

The March newsletter has stories of children saved and minds changed, stories from GAP in Florida, and announces our TWO summer internships!

The new year is off to a busy start with talks, a debate, and many minds changed!

Hear about the accomplishments of CCBR in the past year as we have grown and look forward to continuing our growth.

A baby has been saved through CCBR's graphic abortion video and minds are constantly changing through a flurry of activsm!

Introducing 9 new members of staff who are dedicating their life to End the Killing in Canada!

Inspiring stories from the New Abortion Caravan!!

THE NEW ABORTION CARAVAN--Nine months in the planning, CCBR will be hijacking the concept behind the 1970 Abortion Caravan and launching our own New Abortion Caravan from Vancouver on May 29!

Inspiring stories from 12 days of the Genocide Awareness Project in Florida by a team of pro-lifers from 4 different countries!

Read about our exciting start to 2012 with the launch of our Podcast, publishing A Physician's Guide to Discussing Abortion, and the starting up of our Toronto office. 

As the year comes to an end, check out our Christmas newsletter to see a review of our year in numbers.  Also, find out what 2012 has in store for us!

As you read our newsletter you will be introduced to our newest member of staff.  Emil Booyink has joined our team as our Reproductive "Choice" Campaign (RCC) Director. This means we have 11 staff and interns working full-time to save babies.  Also in our newsletter, read the countless testimonies from "Choice" Chain across Canada.

We are igniting a storm! Two recent articles by our Communications Director Jonathon Van Maren have been rapidly spreading CCBR's message across the internet. Presentations are taking place across the country. "Choice" Chain at high schools is also once again in full swing. Read the results. This issue features the story of one young man who argued against us last spring but is now arguing for the pro-life cause.   

As you'll read in our summer digest, much has been accomplished in the last ten years. However, this is just the beginning. We're here to work ourselves to extinction. It is this month that we unveil our long-term plan: EndtheKilling. Meet the entire - and growing - team who will EndtheKilling in this country. Also included are amazing stories of two babies saved as a result of seeing graphic images!

Read about the first full month of our summer internship. Highlights include Jojo speaking to over 3,000 people, recent local and national media exposure, as well as our foray into doing "Choice" Chain outside high schools. Finally, you'll be introduced to our summer interns, and two sets of staff getting married this year!

This month's message is about hope. Despite occasional moments of discouragement, find out how the present and future at CCBR are looking bright with new staff and interns. Plus read feedback from recent encounters at schools and on-line. This month's newsletter includes a commentary in response to a principal who didn't like graphic images at his school.

After two weeks of GAP in Florida, CCBR takes Canada by storm with "Choice" Chain, debates and presentations all over the country. Read the positive results being yielded from these encounters, including the saved baby and the med-student who has decided she should not get involved in abortions as a physician.

Inspiring stories from the team of missionaries from 4 countries converging in Florida for the Genocide Awareness Project!

News of another baby saved whose mother saw graphic images this past summer! Also included are fruits from Stephanie's recent debate with a late-term abortionist and team introductions of the Florida mission trip next month.

An exciting summary of the many things we accomplished in the past 2 months in 5 countries! Testimonies of lives positively impacted as far away as Latvia and as close as UBC. Plus, news of how we're training the next generation of clergy and physicians.

A synopsis of the week since the arrest of five courageous students at Carleton University, powerful testimonies from the NET training camp and an impactful three weeks for Francisco in South Africa. Additionally, evidence of a changed mind after a debate in Ottawa!

A review of the incredible accomplishments our team of 13 achieved this summer, thanks to the help of 7 summer interns. Plus, news of a baby saved from abortion and exciting plans for this fall, including CCBR presentations in Latvia and South Africa!

Notes from the not-so-underground Southern Alberta Reproductive "Choice" Tour, our dynamic summer interns, and best of all, good news while "Choice" Chain-ing the streets of Calgary: one saved life!

The rational philosophical argument for why abortion is morally wrong and how it equips our audiences to engage others in the abortion debate, as well as a brief summary of our upcoming speaking events.

Reflections from presentations in British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan, as well as personal testimonies from Florida GAP volunteers.

An introduction to the thirty-nine volunteers who helped us successfully display GAP on four university campuses in Florida. Several of these volunteers are promising candidates for our new summer internship program!

Testimonies of changed minds as a result of CCBR presentations at schools, including a public school and a grade 7 class! Plus, introducing two GAP missionaries who will be joining CCBR and a team of internationals as we display GAP in Florida next month.

News about 2 baby girls saved from abortion, an incredible summary of the activities accomplished this past year, and feedback from recent events including an abortion debate at UVIC. Plus, an update about the pro-life students at U of C who were charged with trespass.

Feedback from talks at the National Campus Life Network, St. John Brebeuf College, and McGill University. Plus, GAP at U of C and Penn State are huge successes!

Powerful stories about 3 babies spared abortion. Plus, a list of CCBR's fall plans, along with information about our Facebook presence and latest video.

Various presentations in Calgary, Alberta.