Reflections from presentations in British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan, as well as personal testimonies from Florida GAP volunteers.

An introduction to the thirty-nine volunteers who helped us successfully display GAP on four university campuses in Florida. Several of these volunteers are promising candidates for our new summer internship program!

Testimonies of changed minds as a result of CCBR presentations at schools, including a public school and a grade 7 class! Plus, introducing two GAP missionaries who will be joining CCBR and a team of internationals as we display GAP in Florida next month.

News about 2 baby girls saved from abortion, an incredible summary of the activities accomplished this past year, and feedback from recent events including an abortion debate at UVIC. Plus, an update about the pro-life students at U of C who were charged with trespass.

Feedback from talks at the National Campus Life Network, St. John Brebeuf College, and McGill University. Plus, GAP at U of C and Penn State are huge successes!

Powerful stories about 3 babies spared abortion. Plus, a list of CCBR's fall plans, along with information about our Facebook presence and latest video.

Various presentations in Calgary, Alberta.