“Choice” Chain is a straightforward project where groups of people can effectively expose the injustice of abortion to the public. While participating in “Choice” Chain, we stand on public sidewalks or in other suitable public spaces with handheld signs depicting abortion victims. This project is designed to be conducive to engaging passers-by in discussion with the simple question: “What do you think about abortion?” Pro-life literature—CCBR’s human rights pamphlet, as well as information about pregnancy help services and post-abortion help—is also offered to those walking by. Those who participate in “Choice” Chain are required to attend an apologetics session before they do so, so that they are able to convey the pro-life position with confidence and compassion.

“Choice” Chain is a powerful way to compel thought and debate as a part of people’s everyday lives, causing them to encounter the truth about abortion during their lunch break, on their way home from work, or as they run errands. Through this project, CCBR staff and interns have had the opportunity to reach out and help women in need, to point grieving relatives of abortion victims towards help and healing through post-abortive counselling, and to hold children who were scheduled to be killed through abortion in their arms. Like CCBR’s other projects, “Choice” Chain can be run by other pro-life groups across the country to reach their own communities with the truth about abortion.

"Choice" Chain
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