Brittany van de Bruinhorst

Brittany has been doing pro-life outreach since 2014. Since then, she has had many conversations with pro-choice individuals and has witnessed many changed hearts and minds. Through her years driving the Truth Truck in Calgary she has come to better understand how powerful abortion victim photography is in the abortion debate. Brittany is now helping CCBR reach, train, and equip others, so that more and more people will be able to have effective and compassionate conversations.

Brittany grew up in a farming family which held strong pro-life convictions. Abortion, politics, and one’s responsibility to speak out on these issues were normal conversations around the house. In 2014, when Brittany started volunteering with a group who ran CCBR projects in Lethbridge, AB, she realised that she herself could make a difference. In 2015 she went to Ontario to do CCBR’s 4-month internship, and then in 2017 came on staff in Calgary.