Joshua Dyck
Joshua is the Winnipeg Volunteer Coordinator within CCBRs Manitoba Initiative. He recruits, trains, and mentors volunteers in outreach throughout the Winnipeg area, and is driven by the frequent street outreach that his role demands. He loves witnessing firsthand the impact of sharing the truth about abortion into the lives of individuals, and being able to walk with fellow pro-lifers as they grow in their convictions and abilities. 
Joshua graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance in 2023. He continues to share his musical passion and experience through teaching, choral conducting and singing, as well as various performance opportunities in the community. Joshua continues to be musically active in his church and locality, but his path in the musical world was dramatically altered when he first found meaningful contact with the issue of abortion as a university student. Since then, he has found that communicating the truth is a fulfilling work in both the arts and the ongoing fight against the injustice of abortion. 
Though he was raised pro-life, being confronted with the true gravity and scale of the abortion issue during his degree was what first made a deep, lasting impact on Joshua, and in the summer of 2021, he responded by taking a part-time position as a CCBR Summer Outreach Leader in the Winkler area. It was during this time he quickly found that taking part in the battle against this atrocity and sharing life-changing truth in otherslives was one of the most fulfilling things of which he had taken part.
Once he completed his degree, he increased his role in the pro-life movement through CCBRs 2023 Summer Internship program in Calgary. As Joshua witnessed lives changing every day on the streets of Calgary, he became convinced not only of the necessity of pro-life work, but the necessity to become completely and personally committed to ending abortion in Canada.  
Immediately following his completion of the 2023 Summer Internship in Calgary, Joshua pursued full-time work with CCBR in Manitoba, and has been enjoying his role as Volunteer Coordinator ever since.