These are the interns who are joining CCBR this summer to make abortion unthinkable! Every day this summer, they will be changing hearts and minds and saving lives across Western Canada.

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Megan – Alberta Intern
“Pro-life work changes peoples hearts and minds on abortion making them realize the horror of what abortion really is. The more hearts changed, the fewer babies are murdered. I am passionate about saving babies, and I am confident our work can make an impact. “

Mitchel – Alberta Intern
“People are created in the image of God making them inherently valuable as His image bearers. This value is eroded by practices like abortion and MAiD which try to make people believe that certain people are less valuable than others. If we do not value human life our society as a whole will collapse.”

Nathalie – Alberta Intern
“We have to be a voice for those who do not have a voice yet. Through this internship I hope to become that voice, and gain more expertise in the pro-life movement! I am looking forward to a summer of building connections, meeting new people, and changing minds!”

Oscar – Alberta & BC Intern
“I believe that all humans deserve human rights, and so saving the pre-born is extremely important to me. I was especially inspired to start fighting for the pre-born because of my love for history. I realized that abortion victims far outnumber the victims of atrocities like the Holocaust and Holodomor, and that stopping abortion is a task of vital historical importance and urgency.”

Pius – Alberta Intern
“Pro-life work is the best work; It combats the most vile crime imaginable, abortion, which has slaughtered millions upon millions of innocent children in the womb. Therefore, since these children cannot speak for themselves it is our duty to speak for them despite all ridicule and persecution.”

Rebekah – Alberta Team Leader
“I am choosing to spend my summer fighting for innocent children as I see the importance and the need to change people’s minds on abortion. I hope that when I take a stand and step up for this issue, I will inspire more people to do the same.”

Shantel – Alberta Intern
“I am choosing to spend the summer standing up for the pre-born because I love helping all people, including the pre-born, and we are also called by God to do everything we can to promote justice in an evil world.”

Tsion – Alberta Intern
“I am choosing to spend my summer standing up for pre-born children because standing up for those who don’t have a voice is one of the most important things I can do with my summer.”

Winter – Alberta Intern
“Pro-life work is important because a whole part of our generation is being unjustly slaughtered. It is our duty to stand up for them since they are unable to do so themselves. I am looking forward to getting out on the streets to talk to people to change minds and hearts… and being counter-cultural.”

Megan, Mitchel, Nathalie, Oscar, Pius, Rebekah, Shantel, Tsion, and Winter are some of the interns and team leaders who are dedicating their summer to bringing the truth about abortion to the public in Western Canada. If you would like to support them in the work that they’re doing, you can donate to support CCBR’s Summer Internship!

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