Katrina is the Volunteer Coordinator for CCBR’s Ottawa/Montreal Initiative. She trains, equips, and supports volunteers throughout Eastern Ontario as well as the Montreal area in effective pro-life outreach, working with partners like Ottawa Against Abortion and Montreal Against Abortion. Katrina also networks with churches and other organizations in the region to develop partnerships and grow the pro-life movement.
Raised in a pro-life family, Katrina always knew abortion was wrong. However, she didn’t realize the full weight of how it affects our culture until she started CCBR’s 4 month Calgary internship in 2022. This was a unique and life-changing experience for her – travelling across Western Canada and changing minds on abortion. Afterwards, she moved to Ottawa and began volunteering with Ottawa Against Abortion, but she could not stop thinking about working full-time in the pro-life movement. Determined to make this a reality, she returned to Calgary in 2023 for a 4 month return internship, and then joined CCBR’s staff with the new Ottawa/Montreal Initiative in September.