Are you ready to take a step of action on your pro-life convictions? Do you want to learn how to change minds and save lives? Join us in standing against abortion in the GTA, where 6.4 million people live and where thousands upon thousands of abortions happen every year. 
This program, run in partnership with Toronto Right to Life, is an amazing opportunity to learn how to defend pre-born children effectively and compassionately, improve your conversational skills, and work alongside like-minded individuals who are passionate about fighting abortion.
During these four days you will learn pro-life apologetics and strategy from our team of experienced speakers, as well as take this training to the streets doing effective activism through projects like “Choice” Chain, sharing the truth with Canadians to see minds changed & lives saved. 

Apply today to make a difference and work to end the killing of pre-born children here in Canada.



Anyone who wants to take effective action against the injustice of abortion


February 21-24, 2023


The Greater Toronto Area



Pricing includes meals, and 3 nights accommodations in a shared hotel room.


January 31, 11:59pm

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