The purpose of the postcarding project is to bring the truth of who the pre-born are and what abortion does to them right to people’s doorsteps, making abortion impossible to ignore. This project entails groups of two or more individuals going door-to-door, putting pro-life literature in mailboxes. This literature contains abortion victim photography along with a concise case for the pro-life position. Unlike projects such as “Choice” Chain, this project is less geared towards making conversation, focusing on being time-effective by getting as much literature distributed as possible.

The success of postcarding has been empirically measured in a study commissioned by CCBR in the summer of 2015. The study consisted of a survey conducted by an independent party immediately before and after campaigns took place in several different areas. This survey found that 66.9% of people feel more negatively towards abortion after seeing an image of what it does to pre-born children.

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