Blaise Alleyne is a pro-life activist, technologist, writer, and public speaker. Blaise is the Eastern Strategic Initiatives Director for CCBR, founder of the Toronto Against Abortion project, and co-author of CCBR’s book, A Guide to Discussing Assisted Suicide. He speaks regularly across Canada and in the United States on pro-life strategy, and on both abortion and euthanasia apologetics.

Blaise has had thousands of conversations about abortion over a decade and half on the streets of Toronto, and across Canada and the United States. Since getting involved in the pro-life movement through the University of Toronto Students for Life in 2005, he has volunteered for and provided support for dozens of pro-life groups across several provinces. Blaise joined CCBR staff in 2016, serving as Toronto Outreach Director until 2019 and Eastern Outreach Director until 2023. In addition to his work with CCBR, he volunteers as the Vice President of Toronto Right to Life, where he has served on the board since 2009, and serves as a regional director with Alliance for Life Ontario.

Blaise completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto in 2009 with a major in Computer Science and minors in English and Philosophy, and in 2019 he graduated from Regis College at University of Toronto with a Master’s of Theological Studies.