As I type this, I just finished watching Ray Comfort’s thought-provoking and popular film “180.”  Four reflections are running through my mind, which I hope all people who wish to EndtheKilling will take to heart:

1. Good teachers ask questions and use analogies.  Ray shows us the power these two strategies have in tapping into the truth written on our hearts and in getting people to think for themselves.  So when dialoguing with people about controversial issues, particularly abortion, remember to do that: Ask questions.  Use analogies.  

Learn more by clicking here.

2. All pro-lifers should be doing what Ray did: engaging the public.  This documentary should not be about watching one man as he dialogues with others, but rather about learning from him and following in his footsteps.  How many people do each of us encounter each day–from family members to colleagues to friends?  What have we done lately to ask them what they think about abortion?  Too often we’re afraid to engage because we’re not equipped.  

So take the time to be equipped in the logic of the pro-life perspective by clicking here, and start talking about abortion.

3. If abortion is as serious a crime as the Holocaust, then we must do more than engage those we know directly.  We must be like Ray and engage complete strangers.  The approach Ray took is something we do on a regular basis with the Abortion Awareness Project and “Choice” Chain.  Please contact us about how you can be trained to do this in your community.  We need you to help us EndtheKilling.

4. Finally, at the end of his film, Ray suggests people go to their local abortion clinic to actually see what’s going on.  Of course, if a pro-lifer goes there, the clinic won’t show them. But his point nonetheless stands: We need to witness first-hand what’s happening in our own backyard.  As Gregg Cunningham has said, “Injustice that is invisible, inevitably becomes tolerable.”  

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