So contrary to the usual chanting and trite sloganeering by pro-abortion activists, abortion is now apparently a male issue (something I’ve been saying for awhile). Not only was Jim Kennedy of the Canadian Auto Worker’s Union and the United Way howling profanity-laced support for abortion at a New Abortion Caravancounter-protest last night, but now the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has been commenting on the place of men in the abortion debate.

Consider the implications of an article posted on social media by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada with the tagline, “We need pro-choice men to stand up and support women—abortion is a human rights issue, not ‘just’ a women’s issue.”

Ahh, how encouraging! Joyce and her hench-womyn clearly think it’s time for men to grow a pair and stand up for the offspring they fathered. That it’s time for men to stop thinking they can treat women like playthings, and realize that it is unacceptable to encourage or coerce a woman into having their pre-born child shredded at a “clinic” because he is still “finding himself” and can’t afford to engage with his parental responsibilities.

Yeah, right.

The article is actually entitled “Abortions Have Made Life Better for Millions Of Men: It’s About Time to Speak Up in Support.” This is on the heels of an article from Slate magazine ruminating about whether or not children carried to term by their mothers against the will of their fathers should be supported by said Ken-dolls. But hey, with so many young women joining the ranks of the pro-life movement, it’s time to scratch out the “No Uterus, No Opinion” placard and haul out the “Deadbeat Dads For Dead Babies” emergency sign.

The article states: “For every single woman who’s ever had an abortion, there’s a man somewhere in the story. For every woman who was able to delay motherhood until a better moment, or improve her existing kids’ chances by not enlarging her brood, or end a pregnancy that was doomed to end in tragedy and pain, there’s also a man out there who is not a father today — or is a better father to the kids he has — because a woman he was involved with had the means to make this decision…the reality in American politics and culture is that our national discussion around this issue won’t materially change until men understand just how invested they are in this issue — and then stand up with us to insist that our reproductive rights be protected and preserved.”

So there you have it, boys. Want to make sure that one night stand doesn’t turn into an annoying parental responsibility? Want to make sure that any offspring your nocturnal activities bring about are silenced before they can ask you why you don’t show up on weekends? Grab some poster board, and make the public aware that you’re not having any of this whole “responsibility” thing.

The abortion rights movement only cares about one thing: Keeping abortion free and legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy. They don’t care about women. Case in point: When three female pro-life activists were doused with chocolate milk by an angry male in Thunder Bay (walking right past the male activists to get to them), the “feminist” abortion crowd came out in full-throated support of this man, even questioning whether it was “assault,” which he has been charged with. One angry male commented on ARCC’s page on the incident by saying that “It takes all my self control to not get out of the car and smash these scumbags [sic] teeth in when they are protesting by the hospital.”

But hey, I’m sure he actually meant “Reproductive Justice For All!” or something like that.

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