This story is truly disturbing.

According to the Huffington Post UK: “A ‘very damaged’ 13-year-old girl was ordered to have an abortion by Britain’s most senior family judge, it has been revealed.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was impregnated by a 14-year-old boy and initially wanted to keep her baby.”

That’s right. This girl, because she was considered mentally incompetent, was forced—forced—to have her child dismembered, decapitated, and disemboweled by the medical establishment because one Sir James Munby decided that capital punishment was most appropriate for being the child of a someone he described as “very…impaired.”

Is this China, or the United Kingdom? The UK’s government intrusion has gotten draconian, mind you, but really? They also have the right to forcibly enter a female’s uterus and kill and extract her pre-born offspring?

Apparently, yes. In spite of the fact that the court was informed that she “had set her mind against a termination,” the witless fascist Munby responded that, “Leaving to one side her own wishes and feelings, the preponderance of all the evidence is clear that it would be in her best interests to have a termination.”

Oh, good. We already shrug when children are aborted for any number of frivolous reasons, but now the State can step in and “leave to the side” the wishes of those who possess sufficient maternal instinct to desire life rather than “termination” for their offspring, and decide what is in her best interests.

Munby, by the way, demanded the abortion for this girl against the wishes of experts testifying at the trial, who warned that, “If the pregnancy were terminated I believe that this would cause considerable harm to this young girl, who would see it as an assault….Continuing the pregnancy…may have a less detrimental effect on her given her current circumstances.”

Right. Because a male judge ordering a thirteen-year-old girl, against her will, to have her cervix forced open by a stranger and have her innocent pre-born child suctioned into bloody scraps is basically medical rape by any definition. And demanded, not just sanctioned, by the State, represented here by Comissar Munby.

In addition to the medical expert, the psychiatrist charged with evaluating her warned that the girl would fully understand what the abortion entailed (for some, apparently, there is still a visceral opposition to the killing of our own young), and told the judge that based on her “unambiguous” opposition to having an abortion, she should not be forced to have one.

Sir Munby’s response to the girl’s refusal and the testimony of medical experts and her psychiatrist?

“It was clearly appropriate for me to supply the necessary consent to enable the termination to proceed.”

I’m not sure what corpse-carpeted dystopian vision of the State that Munby has that has lead him to believe he has the right to force a girl into stirrups to have her child violently crushed, evacuated, and pitched in the trash, but it’s a horrifying one indeed. This thirteen-year-old disabled girl has a more functioning and acute conscience than Sir James Munby. His career should be terminated, and he should be locked up for the safety and best interests of any other poor unfortunate girl that might be forced to appear in his kangaroo court.

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