After a summer away as I helped with internship logistics, I returned to my administrator’s desk this past week to resume my tasks, one of which is handling the donations that come through our Eastern office.  

This is particularly encouraging work, as I get to read the feedback we receive on contact cards and donation slips, and I am reminded with each donation I process that there are people counting on us and believing in us and the work we do to combat the destruction of pre-born human life.

Whether big or small, these donations all have one thing in common, and that is the message they send: “please continue.”  But sometimes these donations make you sit up and take a moment to think about them and about the giver. And one such donation was sitting on my desk today.

The two small coins could have been almost missed amid all the other things on my desk, were it not for the message accompanying them. “From a man at Jackson Square.”  

Jackson Square, as some of you will know, is a place where many Hamiltonians without a home spend their days. As our team was doing “Choice” Chain in this location during the last week of August, a man came up to one of our Crash Course attendees, thanked her for being there in defence of the pre-born, and handed her all that he had with him: a loonie and a dime.

One dollar and ten cents. We don’t know this man’s story, but judging by his outward appearance, he may not have known where his next meal was coming from. However, he was willing to part with his last two coins to send us that message: please continue.  

As I look at those two coins, I can’t help but think of another message this selfless action sends.  A question, really.  Am I, like this man, willing to do everything I can to help those less fortunate?  Do I? 

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