CCBR is very excited to announce the hiring of Kyle Coffey as the leader of our new Winnipeg Initiative in Manitoba. This activism initiative will be a hub for coordinating local and regional CCBR activism in an effort to continue CCBR’s vision to end the killing of pre-born children by engaging all Canadians with the reality of what abortion does to pre-born children. Our poll-tested strategies that have worked so successfully in other areas of the country will now be coming to a new province!

Kyle Coffey, a native of Brandon, Manitoba, has been actively involved in the pro-life movement for a number of years, and recently participated in a highly-intensive two-month leadership program in preparation for taking on his new role. He will act as a facilitator for bringing CCBR’s projects into this region that has had limited exposure to the truth about abortion until now.

As a full-time staff member, Kyle will recruit, train, and manage a volunteer base, as well as coordinate and lead activism displays and events, including “Choice” Chain displays and delivering CCBR’s postcards.  Kyle will also be networking with existing pro-life groups and organizations to increase the pro-life presence in the province of Manitoba. Kyle is an incredibly hard worker, and brings a well-rounded skill set to this role. We are very excited to take this next step towards building a regular activism presence across Canada.

While the establishment of this new initiative will certainly be a gradual process that will build over the next year as more volunteers are recruited and trained, we’d love to encourage any of you who either personally live in Manitoba, or have friends or family in that province, to connect with Kyle Coffey, who can be reached at Whether you participate in activism, financially partner, or support through your prayers and networking, every new person involved is one more step towards and abortion free Canada.

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