The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform is pleased to announce the release of communications director Jonathon Van Maren’s Seeing Is Believing: Why Our Culture Must Face the Victims of Abortion from Life Cycle Books. 

Seeing Is Believing details the history of social reform movements and the principles that can be utilized for today’s abortion wars as well as street-tested strategies for the pro-life movement today. More is uncovered, as well, from the corpse-filled nightmares of those who work within the abortion industry to the experiences that propelled so many pro-lifers into the movement in the first place. 

This comprehensive manual on pro-life tactics can be purchased here.

Seeing Is Believing is the perfect title for Jonathon Van Maren’s excellent book on the use of abortion victim photography to dissuade women from abortion and bring converts to the pro-life movement.  His comprehensive history of the use of powerful imagery, from slavery to child labor to civil rights, sets the background for the necessity of showing the public the victims of abortion. He gives no quarter, makes no excuses, and supports his argument with scores of examples of lives and consciences saved by these photographs. He cites many of today’s pro-life activists who joined the fight after seeing a picture of an abortion victim. I did. 

–Joseph Scheidler, founder of the Pro-Life Action League & author of Racketeer for Life: Fighting the Culture of Death from the Sidewalk to the Supreme Court

Jonathon Van Maren has written another masterpiece. The use of images depicting abortion is vital to a well-crafted pro-life presentation. Yet, sadly, not only does Planned Parenthood resist these images, but so do many pro-lifers. And that means children die. As Jonathon points out, pro-lifers who categorically reject abortion imagery have a whole lot of explaining to do!

–Scott Klusendorf, founder of Life Institute & author of Pro-Life 101 and The Case for Life

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