Every summer, CCBR interns and staff bring the truth about abortion to Canadian streets, to change hearts and minds and make abortion unthinkable. Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to the courageous men and women who will be dedicating their summer to save lives this year!

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Abigail – Ontario Intern
“The most vulnerable and innocent of human beings are stripped of their right to life each and every day and often there is an ignorance as abortion clinics are flooded with women who do not understand what takes place behind the closed doors. As long as abortion is occurring, pro-life work must continue all the more: there must always be a voice fighting for the voiceless.”

Annalise – Ontario Intern
“If we don’t step up to defend the helpless pre-born in our society, who will? We need to help people understand and see the horror of abortion, everyday.”

Ashley – Ontario Intern
“People have lost their humanity. They don’t care about killing, it’s so ingrained into us by movies, books, and the people around us that would think it’s totally ok. We need to get our humanity back, and save the little angels’ lives.”

Ben – Ontario Intern
“Today, justice is being denied to defenseless pre-born children in Canada taking their very lives. We are called to fight.”

Benji – Ontario Intern
“This summer I want to master my apologetics further and [I signed up for the internship] because of the fact that children are still being killed in Canada.”

Brayden – Ontario Intern
“Being active in pro-life work is important because people’s lives depend on it.”

Claire – Ontario Intern
“Pro-life work is necessary because, just as I used to, so many people go through life turning a blind eye to injustices that happen. With love, truth, and charity I want to gently invite others to learn the beauty, dignity and sacredness of every life.”

Colin – Ontario Intern
“There is no price one can place upon the infant child developing in the womb of his mother. This in turn places a paramount importance upon pro-life work, for in it, one has the privilege of defending the life of he who is defenseless.”

Colton – Ontario Intern
“Pro-life work is so important because it opens the eyes and hearts of the people to the truth and horrors of abortion. If we don’t tell them, who will?”

Darrel – Ontario Intern
“The pro-life work that I do is important because it sheds light on and brings awareness to the killing of innocent human life that happens every day through abortion, making every single passerby rethink what they know about the issue.”

Devin – Ontario Intern
“I have always been pro-life and knew that abortion was wrong, but I began to realize more and more that I can’t just be passively pro-life when hundreds of babies are killed here every day. I have a duty to take action, because that is the only way change can take place.”

Elisha – Ontario Intern
“Pro-life work is important because people justified the mass murder of innocent little babies and view it as a good thing.”

Eugenie – Ontario Intern
“Pro-life work is important because it humanizes the pre-born, recognizing their inherent dignity and right to life. It also supports pregnant individuals in challenging situations and advocates for compassionate alternatives to abortion. The pro-life movement embodies a commitment to valuing and protecting every human life, fostering a culture of empathy and respect for all individuals, regardless of their stage of development.”

Gianna – Ontario Intern
“Pro-life work is important because if it’s not done, pre-born children will die. I’m inspired to do this internship by the hope of saving lives and changing minds on abortion.”

Hannah – Ontario Intern
“I believe that pro-life work is incredibly important because it is really the only way to give a voice to the pre-born. The pre-born are the most vulnerable group of people and their rights and well-being are often overlooked and pro-life work helps to protect these vulnerable children.”

James – Ontario Intern
“My pro-life work in the past year inspired me to learn more and to spend more time working on my pro-life apologetic skills.”

Janae – Ontario Team Leader
“I love doing pro-life work because while doing it, I have seen so many people become pro-life and reject abortion. Doing a summer of leading activism in defense of little children can’t be matched with much else.”

Jeremiah – Ontario Intern
“I did a week-long trip to Florida with CCBR and at the end of the trip during dinner one of the staff members of CCBR gave a testimony of how she was outside an abortion clinic and convinced a man to go in and stop his girlfriend from getting an abortion. I found the story to be very moving and was inspired to intern this summer.”

Abigail, Annalise, Ashley, Ben, Benji, Brayden, Claire, Colin, Colton, Darrel, Devin, Elisha, Eugenie, Gianna, Hannah, James, Janae, and Jeremiah are some of the interns and team leaders who are dedicating their summer to bring the visual evidence of injustice and street-tested apologetics to public streets across Ontario to spare children’s lives and to spare women the trauma of abortion. If you would like to help to further the work that they’re doing, you can donate to support CCBR’s Summer Internship!

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