Some time ago after a pro-life presentation, I swung by the Macs down the street from my house with a friend. My friend asked the cashier, a middle-aged Indian fellow, what he thought about abortion. Pro-choice, was the answer. It’s the woman’s decision at the end of the day.

A week or so later, I took one of our “Choice” cards, which depict a first trimester aborted fetus, and went back to the Macs.

“Here,” I offered. “We talked about abortion awhile ago. Images like this helped me understand that we’re talking about a real human being and real violence.”

He took the card, eyes widening. He didn’t say a word for close to a minute, except to murmur, “Wow. Wow.” Like so many other Canadians, he’d never seen what abortion does to a human being in the womb. Like so many other Canadians, his illusions were shattered when he did.

“I guess deep down, we all know it’s wrong,” he said finally. “We humans, we do such terrible things to each other. We must learn how to love better.” He set the card on the till.

He was working late, he explained, because he and his wife were trying to earn the money to help thirty families this Christmas season.

“We have so much,” he said. “And others go to bed hungry. How much money do we need, anyway? Better to give away, to help others. We have been given lots, so we can give more.”

We chatted until someone else entered the store, and parted ways. He waved the card at me. “Thank you so much for sharing this.”

If you’re the kind of person who feels uncomfortable debating abortion with people but still wants to make a difference, these business-card-sized “Choice” cards may be the perfect option for you to engage in “seeding the culture” with the truth about abortion. I keep a few in my wallet, and leave them in various places for people to find, such as public washrooms, gas pumps, or even in the pockets of jeans at the mall. It’s an easy way to effectively engage the public!

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